Introduction to discrete mathematics for computer science in hindi urdu tutorials vu mth202 lectures | Video

#Discrete #Mathematics for #computer #science #mth202 is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. In this discrete mathematics tutorial course for computer science students we will start from basics definition to advances with examples,
This video is an introduction about what is video in hindi urdu language and is these are best easy simple well explained tutorials.

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Furthur more you will learn about
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  1. Thanks bhai
    I have one question app programming kaY program ki examples aur is lectures ki example kaHa saY LaiTaYy hoo .
    Koi website ya koi advise hi kr Doo yr ❤

  2. سر آپکے ہاتھ میں 4 انگلی ھیں کیا؟ میرے تو پانج ھیں اور میرے دوست کے بھی 😁😂

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