Introduction to Pointers in C++ | C++ programming tutorials for beginners | Video

In this video tutorial we will study and understand the concept of pointers in c++. We will also see a simple program in c++ where we will use pointer to manipulate variable value.

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  2. for a small practical application look at dealing with a matrix with points [[x0, y0] [x1, y1] [x2, y2] [x3, y3] [x4, y4] …] … a line 36 where is an all-points matrix containing an svg image … i'm not an advanced programmer … i don't I have the university … program is in python because it is an extension for inkscape (the most popular free vector image editor) and it is about making gcode from a vectorial svg file … it is a simple program and also I am waiting for you with suggestions to modify it … a clearer example is here a line 110 … and here

    inkscape practical application to create gcode for my polystyrene machine costycnc

  3. U are jst awesome…. And Ive shared it with my frnds boss…. U are doing really great… The best……please try to upload vedios on graphics in c++.. Plzz

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