iPhone 3G Vs Blackberry Storm – You Decide

The newest product in telephone technology is the iPhone 3G from Apple and the Blackberry Storm. There was so much hype about these phones that they could not wait until the iPhone came out on July 11, 2008 and the Storm came out in November 2008. If you have seen the commercials for these phones then you know that they are pretty impressive phones. What which is one is better? You decide.

The iPhone 3G works on 100% touch screen for all of its applications. The techniques that are incorporated into the 3G allow the user to move the contents of the phone either in a vertical or horizontal movement or you can drag and drop anything you wish to move just by using a simple finger.

The iPhone 3G has a built in rechargeable battery that is not replaceable. If the battery needs to be replaced you have to purchase a new one. The phone is available with either a 4,8 or 16 GB of memory. You can choose which best suits your needs. With the iPhone 3G you can access Google Maps in satellite, street or hybrid form.

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With the iPhone you get audio conference calls, call merging and caller ID. Voice Dialing and Video Calling are not supported by the iPhone 3G. The 3G has a multimedia package that includes access to songs, albums, play lists, pod casts and audio books. You can access any song you wish and if you don’t know what song is playing on a radio, simply hold the phone up to the radio and it can tell you what song is playing.

With the 3G you will also get Internet access with Wi-Fi or a wide area GSM or EDGE network. Some of the other great features of the iPhone include E-mail and Texting. For these functions you will use the virtual keyboard on the touch screen. It has a Spell Checker and Word Correction plus a dictionary that has the capabilities to learn new words.

The Blackberry Storm is available through Vodafone, Verizon Wireless, Telus and Bell Canada. The Blackberry Storm became available on November 14, 2008. Fans of the Blackberry flocked to the store to get the newest upgrade of their favorite phone. Like the iPhone 3G, the Blackberry Storm uses it’s patented SurePress Touchscreen. You can easily find anything you need just by the touch of the screen.

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Unlike the 3G, the Storm has a user replaceable, rechargeable battery for easy storage and easy charging. The Storm uses a virtual keyboard in order to allow the user to send text messages by using the touch screen. When you hold the phone like a landscape position you have a full keyboard at your disposal. The Storm ‘s texting system also has a Spell Check built in. The Storm also has a 1BG of memory and a flexible memory slot capable of using a microSD card with an extra 16 GB. These are just some of the differences that the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Storm have, if you would like more information talks a representative for both phones and decide which phone is better.


by Andrew Seaford