iPhone Repair Parts – Save Your Broken iPhone

Most iPhone users have experienced it – the utter fright when you first realize that something about your beloved device isn’t right. It might be a malfunctioning part or maybe a dead battery or, God forbid, you have dropped the phone to the ground by mistake! No matter what unforgiving state of disrepair your phone might have reached, there is always that gut wrenching moment when the proud iPhone user prays to God Almighty that their device may still be salvageable. This article will tell you that your prayers will not go in vain! Consider using iPhone repair parts and services to save your broken phone from the recycle bin – it is always the better choice than going for replacing the set entirely. Let’s examine the matter further.

Repairs vs Replacements – busting the myths

There is always that thought in the very corner of your mind, telling you that “Your iPhone simply CANNOT be fixed!” or “It may be cheaper to buy a new one!” But before you accept this impending doom, consider this fact: over 90% of iPhone problems can be fixed, and repair will turn out to be cheaper than replacing the gadget outright, even when the phone is insured! One might argue that using the services of an Apple Store in the matter will leave you with a huge hole drilled in your pocket. However, alternatives are always available. Many times one can trust third party repair shops and even DIY tutorials, repair kits and replacement parts to get the job done in a reliable and cost effective manner.

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Some common iPhone replace/repair dilemmas

Let’s look at some common issues a user might face with their iPhone and check out whether they offer any warranty to replace your phone entirely:

Charging port issues: In most cases, a malfunctioning charging port turns out to be a circuitry issue that can be easily soldered and fixed by a repairman. You can even consider replacing the charging port entirely.

Battery problems: Fixable issues with iPhone batteries includes improper cycling or water damage – both can be fixed by either replacing the battery or carrying out repairs through a skilled engineer.

No Power: dead phone: Your iPhone seems dead and it has run out of battery, despite your repeated attempts at charging it. Do not lose hope! In most cases, this turns out to be a problem with the charging port or power button. It might even be a bad battery. All in all, the issue is easily fixable with iPhone repair parts.

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Bent Frame: Did you accidentally sit on your iPhone by mistake? Even if your device now has more curves than a coke bottle, don’t ever think of labeling it as ‘unfixable’. Tools are available that can get your iPhone frame’s corners back, close to factory shape. Or you can simply replace the frame with a new one, install a new screen and get the device back to looking as good as new.

No matter how panicked you may feel when you see your iPhone in bad shape, always consider repairs and replacement parts before discarding the device and buying a new one. Feasible solutions are always out there – you just need to look for them!


Source by Fernando Ariza