Is All Politics Based On Race, Class And Color?

Not long ago, I talked with a gentleman who’d gone to college here to learn how to become a teacher, he then moved back to India. He was extremely interested in our crazy 2016 Presidential Election. In looking at the elections in his own country and ours in the US, he made some interesting comments, and our think tank took notice because he is not alone in his belief system about US politics as we’ve surveyed many others who feel similar. My acquaintance from India stated;

“All politics can be based down to race, class, or color. Trump is attacking race first of all. All those Mexicans (brown people), all those evil Muslims (brown people), that guy with the fake birth certificate, (Obama the black guy). He is inciting racism, plain and simple. Of course, Hillary has only one card to play, in his mind… “She is a woman”. The real reason NOT to vote for Trump though, is class. He is a spoiled rich boy, who got his money from Daddy. He has never done a real days work in his life.”

Well, I guess if one watches CNN, that’s probably what they’d think, but that is hardly the reality of the situation. My acquaintance went on to say that Donald Trump doesn’t understand the average person and that he will only help the billionaire class. Wow, those are a lot of charges against one’s character, but let’s address these issues.

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First I’d like to note that; no, not all politics come down to race, class. Some come down to ideals, economics, religion, and personal needs, wants and desires. Whereas, all politics is local, it comes down to self-interests. Donald Trump is not inciting racism, rather the left says he is, and calls him a racist, if you buy into that CNN Clinton News Network stuff you might believe that, but then you are not thinking, you have surrendered your mind to the media, fine, you have the freedom to do that, but it doesn’t mean what you think is correct or factual – only repeated over-and-over-again until you now believe it.

Yes, Trump was born into a decent family of means, but he and his father and now his kids do possess hard-work-ethic. Usually that skips a generation, not in his case it seems, look how far you can get in the US if don’t play victim for a free government sponsored ham sandwich. I bet Trump has worked hard all is his life and more than 99% of our population, you have to, to get there or stay there. Ever run a company? I have and I worked 17 hours a day, just as Trump did during the election flying around giving speeches.

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Personally, I believe that everyone should have their taxes reduced and our bloated government needs a haircut for sure. Wealthy should not have to pay a higher percentage, that’s not incentivizing productivity, it is penalizing it. Hating the 1% is indeed a form of minority hate you know. You hate Trump, okay I get that, so don’t vote for him, I’ll cancel your vote for you. We do not need to continue a political dynasty with the Clinton’s, as they’ve already overstayed their welcome and abused the privilege, not that we shouldn’t have known; “Absolute Power corrupts absolutely”. Think on this.

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by Lance Winslow