Is She Addicted to Sex Toys? The Truth About Women Who Prefer "Toys" Over Sex With You!

Is she addicted to sex toys? Does she prefer “time alone” over time with you? What does it mean when your girlfriend, wife or lover seems to value alone time more than sexual intercourse?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the millions of men who worry about their ability to satisfy their partner in the sack, the truth is, a woman who enjoys sexual “props”, especially in her alone time, can be a very intimidating thing.

Why? Because for many men, it signals that they may NOT be doing things right, and that their woman is quite literally, taking her sexual satisfaction into her own hands.

Is it possible for a woman to become “addicted” to sex toys?

The truth is, like any other pleasurable behavior that can become an obsession, or compulsive, it is.

The good news?

It’s rare, and a woman who really does compulsively use any sort of instrument of self pleasure in a hyper active way, typically is NOT doing it for the orgasm or sexual sensations alone. Usually, it’s a sign of hyper compulsive sex drive, and often, other deeper and unrelated psychological issues.

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The BAD news?

The REAL issue that men worry about is genuine. Many women DO turn to masturbation, be it through using a “toy” or otherwise, simply because they are not able to climax during sex.

The reasons that women report NOT being able to orgasm with their partner during sex?

In a highly publicized sexual survey done in late 2012, the big reasons women privately reported for preferring a sexual toy like a vibrator OVER partner sex were the following.

1 – Their male partners climaxed too quickly. It’s no surprise that sexual stamina and staying power remains the #1 complaint women make about bad sex.

2 – Their partners were “doing it wrong.” Believe it or not, especially with men UNDER 30, lack of sexual skill is one of the most common reasons why a woman can’t have an orgasm, and ultimately resorts to using an aide like a vibrator later, in private. (often when our man has fallen asleep, or the next morning when he’s gone)

3 – Poor “body part” compatibility. Many men simply aren’t properly endowed to satisfy their partners during sex. The truth is, about 80% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm due to size or stamina issues with their present partners. They aren’t able to hit the right spots… and even if they are, they can’t last long enough to bring her to orgasm.

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Many women are simply not willing to compromise the “climax” part of the sexual experience any longer, and will resort to ensuring that they DO get their own release, often by ourselves!

Lastly, sex toys WORK! With so much myth and misinformation out there about the female orgasm, the truth is, more than 90% of women report being able to orgasm each and every time when using a toy or sexual prop.

Compare this against the abysmally bad rates women report being able to climax during “real” sex, it’s no big surprise that so many of us now seemed “addicted” to our erotic aides and prefer more “alone” time than we let you know!


Source by Amy A.