Islam Relion: A Religion of Peace: Demystifying Islam and It’s Similararies With Hinduism

Origin: Islam originated in Saudi Arabia and was founded by Prophet Hazrat Mohammad.

This simple religion preaches nothing but peace and can be utilized to bring universal peace.

Islam preaches Zak at: The basic and the most striking fact about Islam is that it preaches the concept of Zak at. This means a person practicing Islam has to donate a part of his/her earnings to the poor. The same is stated in Hinduism.

Shahada: It states the oneness of God.

Salat:Daily prayers are offered to Allah.

Saum: The fasting during Ramadan is called Saum.

Hazz: The Pilgrimage to Mecca is termed as Hazz.

Similarities with Hinduism: The concept of fasting, donation or visit to religious places are also present in Hinduism. Aren’t Hindus accustomed to Chardham Yatra or travel to the four Holy places of Hindus?

Islam doesn’t preach Violence: Demystifying the concept of Jihad: Jihad is not a violent term: Jihad means fight against sin or forced oppression. Bhagbad Gita also preaches fight against forced oppression. The battle of Kurukshetra also lies testimony to the fact.The fight of goodness against evil. In no way this particular term depicts unwanted violence.

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Islam and women’s education: From Aisha Bint Abu Bakr to Mallalah yusufzai, Islam is not alien to liberation of women.

Proper and Honest Decipheration and Depiction is the Key to Peace: The Holy Quran is composed in Arabic. A lot of phrases are lost in translation. If properly translated he Quran preaches only peace and nothing else. It states simple philosophies of kindness and peace. Similarly the Bhagbad Gita is also composed in pure Sanskrit. How many of us can understand pure Sanskrit or Arabic? But a proper and honest translation of both the Holy Texts can bring peace, peace and only peace. No Prophets preach hatred. It is up to the manner in which the next generations carry the preaching s forward. Sometimes a lot of goodness is lost in transit. Islam is peacefully practiced peacefully by nearly 2 billion people around the world and India itself is home to more than 200 million people practicing Islam peacefully.

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Islam’s social, cultural and economic contribution to India can’t be Ignored. If we ignore that we have to ignore the existence of Taj Mahal.

Let us not politicize Islam: Islam or any religion can only become worse if it is politicized or metamorphosed for political gains.

If you want to know your Religion read it yourself: If you want to know your religion then read it yourself in a language you are comfortable in. You will find that your religion preaches nothing apart from goodness and peace. No religion, nowhere on Earth preaches hatred. Things to discuss are many which can’t be stated in limited frame. But Islam or Hinduism both preaches peace and provides strength of character. Most probably a day will come when one day we all will learn to understand the common thread unifying all religions and this Earth will surely become a better place to live in.


Source by Suddhadeb Chakraborti