It’s a Gender Business – What to Do With Different Hygiene Needs For Boys and Girls

There is a lot people have to learn in the area of personal hygiene. Even though hygiene plays a big part in a lot of classes we have since elementary, not a lot of us apparently paid attention and we are left with less than perfectly clean specimens of humanity all the time. People usually can’t distinguish between what works best for women and what works for men. And with this realization that a lot of people can’t even sufficiently take care of their own bodies, it’s no wonder that the world can be such a messy place.

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Even the most basic thing such as shampooing hair isn’t necessarily the same for girls and boys. Physical differences mean that there are innate differences in the ways boys and girls should consequently treat their hair and should clean them accordingly Here are a few hygiene tips that both girls and boys should follow if they hope to maximize the cleaning effects of their products:

Boys: Boys naturally sweat much more than women do and as a result of this, need antiperspirants more than women. Shampoo is another must have for boys who wish to preserve the cleanliness of their bodies. Many anti-dandruff shampoos are mild by men’s standards and can be used as often as necessary. If itching and dryness develop however, discontinue its use.

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Girls: Even though women hardly sweat as much as boys do, to forget about deodorizers in the morning after taking a bath would be a big mistake. Using light and cool clothing always helps for women not only in the comfort department but also in the personal hygiene area as it prevents unnecessary sweating.


Source by Tim Selegns