Jtag Tutorials #56 How to Transfer Files from Xbox to PC using SMB | Video

How to setup a Samba server on your Jtag/RGH to make it super easy to transfer files back and forth between your Xbox and computer.

If you are having trouble getting this setup check this video which contains more detailed informaton:

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Download Links:

batch script to map network drives:
Note that this script will only work if you have set your SMB host name to jtag.



  1. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your tutorials 👍all your tutorials are so easy to follow and very explanatory, please keep up the fantastic work.

  2. thx alot bro <3
    i have a problem i can't rename things in my jtag, example when trying to rename XBOX360 in smb options i get that window and letter but nohing work!

  3. please make vids about installing trainer i have farcry 4 trainer that works but mafia 2 and tomb raider doesnt work i tried all things correct but it doesnt comes in the game please make videos about installing trainer thats how you can get views by making vds about installing trainer for each singl game and please paste the links of trainer in description

  4. xXModdedWarfareXx  amm hey I have a problem when I install bo2 by xexmenu 1.1 it doesn't install properly there are somemissing any solutions?

  5. I know this is a very weird question but what type of flux should I use on a console there are so many and I don't know which one to pick

  6. Do you think that you can help me? I've been trying to update my Corona for a week now and nothing that i am doing is working. I'm on dashboard 17349 and I'm trying to get to the latest 17502. Nothing i do seems to work could you help?

  7. Guys I Have A Problem.My Controller If I Press B It Work Perfectly But If I Hold B I Doesn't Work,Any Ideas?I Search On Google Someone Said That:It Has Problem With Dashlaunch?

  8. Hey man, could you make a tutorial on how to get school network or sniff username and password on school network, I got the admin on the school computer and I want to get my teachers password. And the wifi are WPA2-enterprise

  9. I wanted to ask you a question. Do you know if RGLoader can be used on a true XDK? I've been trying to use Remote Recoveries but they crash with this error message::
    "This setup executable has not been packed with files and settings.
    Please use the PACKER tool to build this executable.

    Error Code: S1001"

    Any kind of answers or help would be greatly appreciated! Some additional info: I am on a Zephyr XDK, not a test, demo or stress. A true XDK w/Sidecar attached. I am attempting to use XDKRecoveryXenon21256.18 a.k.a Kernel 17489. Thanks ahead of time!!

  10. Hello xXModdedWarfareXx I am contacting you to ask you a very serious question. If I am to buy a modded xbox and buy a disk does it run the disk and put mods on it ?.I am asking this as I am worried of buying a console I went onto sevensins and it said its not illegal to own a rgh but its illegal to download a game without paying and its illegal to make money from lobbies. It also said it was illegal to buy KV to unband my console please get back to me as I would love to mod but I do not want to break any laws.

  11. After downloading and ripping from an ISO, when I boot ghosts with the latest title update it wants me to connect to XBL for those download packs you need. Where do I get them from so I don't have to go online to download it?

  12. I had aurora and fsd and dashlaunch on a USB I was installing tu #18 for cod black ops 2 with aurora on another USB to play online with LiNK once the download finshed it says me aurora can't play this game and then it's says me aurora crashed I press ok when I tried to launch the the default.xex but my USB that I had aurora and fsd and dashlaunch wasn't recognised by my xbox when I plug it in my pc he recognise the USB but I can't see it in my computer so what I do? plz help me

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