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Numerology – Kate Moss – 16th January 1974


6 – – 9

– – – –


Life Path Number: 29/11 – 2

Nearly all 29/11s have a large and powerful energy field. When excited and inspired they need less sleep than most people. When they decide to generate something new, inventive or insightful, they have the energy to produce wonders. Their abundant energy is however a two-edged sword. Our bodies are a channel through which energy must flow, and energy is a tool that can be used, hopefully for positive endeavors. If not, their energy may not be dissipated, especially if not taking exercise or engaging in creative or useful activities, and so have a strong tendency towards addictive behaviors, to discharge the blocked and painful energy that builds up in their bodies. Along with these challenges, 29/11s display an extraordinary potential

29/11s sometimes come from a background of abuse and need to fight to get their will back.

Kate Moss is also a ‘passive 2’. Characteristics of a passive 2 can include: vacillating, sullen, devious, faultfinding; too much attention to detail with delay in accomplishment; inability to take a stand. Uncooperative. Distrust of intuition and sensitivity.

She also has a line of weakness, the Line of Sensitivity, which can mean she will be: over-sensitive to other people’s opinions; this line leaves a gap that can profoundly affect anyone, whatever image that person projects. This person can be a victim of self-doubt, needing reassurance regularly from those close.

On the plus side, she has a line of strength, the Line of Physicality: Physical stamina and a healthy constitution are associated with this line. Practical ability with the hands is marked and should be encouraged professionally or artistically.

Kate also has three 1s in her chart which gives her a kind of masculine, lithe, energy. However, being a ‘2’ life path, she can appear cool, calm and tranquil. At their best, 2s are natural diplomats who bring about change through persuasion rather than force. They are fulfilled by helping others reach their goals, and are best when working as part of a team effort. Twos are diligent workers who excel in areas where attention to detail is required, and are always polite and courteous. They prefer to have a partner to share their lives with, usually a more assertive mate.

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While 29/11s have a sentimental side, they tend to inhibit their emotional expression; they repress or intellectualize their feelings. This may affect their relationships. Rarely joiners, 29/11s generally live as the individualist who marches to a different drummer.

Kate’s Astrology

Capricorns reflect Saturn’s conservatism, an earthy practicality, and derive their driving force from being a cardinal sign. At times Capricorns suffer lack of confidence in themselves and, having started something, they become unsure of their abilities or feel that they are not going to live up to expectations.

Being an earth sign, there is a sensuality in Capricorns but some can tend to keep it hidden, the practicality of this sign often being a bit of a dampener on their romantic opportunities. They find it harder than most to express their emotions, thinking that there is a risk involved in exposing the vulnerability of their feelings.

There is also a need in Capricorns to have a partner they respect. If they choose a partner who increases their social standing, all the better. They value permanence and structure to make sense of their lives and take the whole business of relationships very seriously. Capricorns have inherent ambition and will work tirelessly to get to the top of their chosen field. They have a painstaking thoroughness whatever they are doing and do not mind investing long hours in a project if they are convinced it will pay off and further their career. Capricorn will wear good shoes and the best quality fabrics purchased at the best value.

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Brief Background

Her mother, Linda, is a bartender, and her father, Peter, a travel agent. She also has a younger brother, Nick. The media has often referred to a poor working-class background (Cinderella stories sell), but her own description is “lower middle-class”. Kate still has a noticeable south-London accent, according to those who can tell the difference. Her parents’ marriage went sour, and in 1987 the couple moved apart, to divorce one year later. Kate decided to live with her mother, while her brother chose the father. The children were left much to themselves during the commotion, and 13-year-old Kate was smoking, drinking, and skipping classes.

Apart from being a ‘passive 2’ and having the ‘line of sensitivity’ in her numerology, this could partly explain why she is insecure and turning to drink and drugs. All these issues represent challenges along her path, showing that nobody ‘has it all’. It may look that way on the surface, successful model, beautiful and admired by millions, but just like the rest of us, she still has her daily challenges and emotional issues to overcome.

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