Law of Attraction, The Secret, and Other Voodoo

Marketers and motivation experts have always known certain secrets to attract customers and convince them to buy. Years ago, the emphasis used to be on “closing the sale.” Nowadays, the objective is to just follow the law of attraction. “Ask and ye shall receive,” Believe and it will be given unto you.”

If you observe a marketing guru in action, you can easily believe that the law of attraction works. You can be convinced that if you repeat your favorite positive affirmations regularly, the world will open up its resource bank and pour the goodies into your lap. And you can surmise, “If he or she can do it, so can I.”

All of this is true. The law of attraction does work. Positive affirmations do help us to attain what we want. And if someone else can do it, someone who is also human, so can I do it. But there is a fly in the ointment, a glitch in the thought process, an elephant in the room that cannot be ignored.

If the law of attraction worked so easily, then everybody who became aware of it and practiced thinking and visualizing their dreams, would automatically attract and create their desired outcomes. And some people do. Some fortunate people latch onto the latest motivation fad, which is currently the law of attraction, and they fly with it. These people take a struggling business and transform it into a mega empire or they go from being a lonely single to finding their ideal soul mate.

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As wonderful and powerful as the law of attraction is, it only seems to work its magic for a small, dedicated, select group of people. Why is that? What is the secret that these successful people know that the rest of us have not yet figured out?

I believe that it is actually the law of building assets: building personal strengths, building relationships, balancing emotions, focusing the mind, healing the body, connecting to the spirit, studying, practicing and learning skills. First you focus on building a repertoire of marketing and people skills as well as expertise in your specialty areas. Then you market your unique skills by providing strong social proof that you have, indeed, succeeded. And you find a way to convince others that you, and only you, have the answers that will help them solve their most pressing problems.

Once this entire skill set and marketing repertoire is in place, you can finally set the law of attraction into motion. You actually become an attraction magnet because you have developed skills and expertise that other people want. They want to learn from you, receive from you and just be around you so that they can absorb from you what they believe you can teach them.

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Study the marketing gurus and you will find, not people who sit in their room and visualize the world paying them highly for their services. You will find men and women who diligently have built their knowledge, expertise and marketing strategies. And then they allow the law of attraction to take over.

Build your home first: lay the foundation, design the layout, choose the best team to work with, add your unique designs, and then invite the people to your beautiful home. They will come when your home is fully furnished and they expect to be welcomed, accepted and comfortable. Very few will want to come to a home with wooden floors and no place to sit, kitchen appliances and no food to eat, etc. Furnish your home and invite your guests.

The law of attraction works the same way. Furnish your mind, body and spirit with all the knowledge and skills, practice, support and social proof you require. Package it all with an organized marketing approach. And then sit back and watch the law of attraction bring you your desired results.


Source by Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.