LBP3 Tutorials [Computer Cursor / Sprite borders] | Video

LBP3 Tutorials by Danx87 how to create a computer Cursor / Flying sprite with borders/boundaries. This is the first in the series of Sprite tutorials & is essential in understanding and creating sprite based games on LBP.


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P.S The Thermometer is high because of the custom photos not because of any of the logic.

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  1. I have a problem, when I stand in front of a computer I created, I put a controller in the computer and in the mouse but the camera don't work.

  2. I've been entertaining the idea of making a working pc, now that I've figured out how to do the memory. Having traversed this path, any forewarnings?

  3. You've made this more complicated than it how I would do it, I would make a hit box out to of cardboard, made the frame out of cardboard and then cover the cardboard in sticker panel

  4. I've always made borders a similar way, but recently I've started using invisible material behind my sticker panel. Way faster and almost no logic to do, just make a solid border, make it invisible, and you're done. Plus, sticker panel has a tendency to go a little past the border, such as 9:16

  5. For the next tutorial can you do sprite animations? It looked really interesting on Default Couch's channel. I would also like to know how you did the health in that video. Because that would be really helpful.

  6. Welcome back Dan! Nice tutorial, I remember doing something similar for my telekinesis level back in LBP2 only the logic was far less optimised… Man I love LBP3's new logic!

  7. Another video,hooray, today is a good day, I actually got LBP3 for my new PS4, it's better on there, I don't know what happened to my LBP3 on the PS3, I couldn't play it anymore, but I really didn't know what happened. Sp I'm back in the community with my mediocre levels that almost nobody plays, I just hope I can make better levels, glad you're making more videos.

  8. Could you possibly make a tutorial on how to create Zom Zom's shop? More Specifically the way you buy items, where R1 and L1 rotate through them.

  9. Can you please make a tutorial on Bosses? I just have so much trouble making phases, them being damaged, and just simply moving without falling out of the sky ;-;

  10. I've not played this game in almost a year, have the bugs been ironed out yet? I was sick of losing my character to corruption every 3 weeks

  11. Since the circuit nodes are essentially tri-state buffers, couldn't you just wire the inverted impact sensors directly to the bottom input of the circuit node?

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