Leadership from the Heart

So what is leadership from the heart? Leadership from the heart is only a expression for how you (as a leader) can center yourself before making decisions.

I recently attended a couple of workshops from Greg Yau, a King-Fu Master, an Acupunture Master, and a Master of Quantum Physics. These workshops were around using Quantum Physics to master yourself and not trying to master those around you. It has been said that in order to win the battle, you must first master yourself and this is certainly the truth for leaders in any profession, whether it is sports, business, or school. Without knowing yourself, the more difficult it is to lead others.

You may be wondering how centering yourself has an effect on your leadership skills. Let me explain. If you are in a heated battle of words with someone, your anger will control the outcome of the argument. If you can center yourself so that you are focused and calm, the battle winner will surely be you.

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What about Quantum Physics? Greg Yau has done extensive research into the application of physics with accupunture points and with the Chakras. He demonstrated postures, balancing of the brain (sides, top to bottom) and drinking in knowledge. I was truly amazed at the results achieved when the brain was centered. Setting goals was given a different meaning so that it went straight to the core of the body and internalized. I know there are many books out there on affirmations but I doubt very much these books are based on the study of the human body including Quantum Physics.

The biggest concern with affirmations is that we, as humans, do not always affirm in the right way. If our intentions are not correct, then these affirmations will often bring the opposite. Greg points out that you must give of yourself before you can receive. The laws of the universe determine what you deserve rather than giving you what you want.

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Is there any truth to being centered and calm? You should ask Greg Yau as he has worked with hundreds of people and gained tremendous results. Is this for everyone? I doubt it but for those of us that believe in helping others first, this is certainly the best step forward.

If you want to know more about this fascinating work go to fmbr.org


by Bette Daoust, Ph.D.

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