Learn Data Science Today – Data Science Tutorial for Beginners 2020! {VIDEO}

This Data Science Course will give you a Step by Step idea about the Data Science Career, Data science Hands-On Projects, roles & salary offered to a Data Scientist!
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Watch this Data Science tutorial today to see how and why to start Learning to be a data scientist today!
Introduction to Data Science: 3:51- 01:25:00
3:51 Trainer Introduction: The Instructor Mr. Rajib Layek who is a Business Consultant and Senior data scientist having experience of 8+ years.
6:24 Course Curriculum Overview
29:05 Introduction to Data Science
42:37 Introduction to Business Analytics: practice using optimal business management decisions with the help of graphics and analytical tools
54:54 Introduction to Machine Learning: It helps computers to learn,act,response like humans and improve their learning from experience without being explicitly programmed.
01:07:00 How to switch your career into ML
01:22:00 Introduction To Data Scientist

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INTRODUCTION TO R 1:25:00 – 1:51:00
1:25:00 Introduction to R
1:40:00 How to set up R

R Programming 1:51:00 – 2:46:00
1:51:00 R Operator
2:05:00 R Conditional Statement & Loop
2:17:00 Function in R

R Data Structure 2:46:00 – 3:35:00
2:46:00 An Introduction of R Data Structure + Vector
2:57:00 Matrix, Array and Data Frame
3:11:00 A Deep Drive to R Data Frame
3:24:00 Factor
3:29:00 List

Import and Export in R 3:35:00 – 4:07:00
3:35:00 Import CSV Data in R
3:44:00 Import Text Data in R
3:47:00 Import Excel, Web Data in R
4:00:00 Export Data in R – Text
4:02:00 Export Data in R – CSV & Excel

Data Manipulation 4:07:00 – 5:40:00
4:07:00 Apply Function
4:31:00 Dplyr package
5:29:00 Date with R

Data Visualization 5:40:00 – 7:48:00
5:40:00 Introduction to Data Visualization & Scatter Plot
5:51:00 Data Visualization – mfrow
5:59:00 Data Visualization – pch
6:11:00 Data Visualization – Color
6:13:00 Data Visualization – Line Chart
6:16:00 Data Visualization – Bar Plot
6:23:00 Data Visualization – Pie Chart
6:29:00 Data Visualization – Histogram
6:36:00 Data Visualization – Density Plot
6:39:00 Data Visualization – Box Plot
6:44:00 Data Visualization – Mosaic Plot and Heat Map
6:52:00 Data Visualization – 3D Plot
7:02:00 Correlation Plot and Word Cloud
7:11:00 Data Visualization – ggplot2

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Machine Learning Toolbox 7:48:00 – 8:14:00

Business Case Understanding 8:14:00 – 8:27:00

Data Pre-Processing 8:27:00 – 9:51:00

9:51:00 Linear Regression
11:50:00 Correlation Part
12:04:00 Stepwise Regression
12:32:00 Dummy Variable
12:45:00 Non Linear

Capstone Project 12:56:00 – 13:37:00
12:56:00 Introduction
13:04:00 Data Understanding
13:12:00 Lazy Predictor
13:19:00 Data Preparation
13:25:00 Data Exploration
13:29:00 Feature Engineering

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  1. A great course in Machine Learning. It gives a clear contextual overview in most areas of Machine Learning . The effort in explaining the intuition of algorithms is especially useful

  2. Love your video. Best video for beginners.We are living in Big data world and Data Science is the highly required skill in current decade. Thanks for giving this course in very detailed manner. Keep up your good work.

  3. am an electrical eng. i really want to study further in data science..this video is a great help than you very much. i will be looking for your next videos too.and the way the video explains is very good for studying.

  4. This is really informative and beginner friendly walk through. I appreciate the effort given in making this video. Kudos and more power

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