Learn How To Release The Tension In Your Body Through Meditation

We all hold tension from the stresses in our daily lives within our physical form. Sometimes, we just need a reset and take a much needed break from the craziness of life. Holding tension, can not only be uncomfortable and restricting of our muscles, but sometimes your body tries to let you know it's time to rest showing as daily aches and pains. As we get older might attribute these aches and pains to the mere fact that we're getting older, saying things such as, "The body's not as young as it used to be."

While that statement may be very true, this is not the case at all. Especially when you read about these 50, 60, 70 and even 80 year old people now taking their fitness to a whole new level and getting in the best shape of their lives. Don't fool yourself … these daily aches and pains are you body's way of telling you to take notice, and take some time to reset. If you keep ignoring it, you will soon wish you hadn't.

One way of releasing the tension within your body is to simply meditate. Meditation is simply bringing together the mind, body and spirit! Time for self-love and healing will make all of the different in your physical body as well as your emotional self. You'll find that you are more clear and focused, grounded and centered. You may even find that you sleep better just by taking a bit of time for you to quiet that chatter.

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Here are just a few of the many benefits of mediation: assists chronic inflammation, aids in digestion, assists mental stability, assists in overcoming OCD, soothes PTSD, assists with eating disorders, substance abuse, increases mental clarity and better concentration, promotes a healthy heart, reduces symptoms of anxiety, along with many more benefits of greater health and well-being.

I hold weekly guided meditation sessions at the Salt Hut in Oxford, PA, as well as I've created numerous guided meditations in electronic form for those who are not in my area. These meditations are created with the music of my Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls to boost the healing and harmonizing of the Chakras with sound.

Each mediation is very different with a different goal in mind. Some are very basic relaxation techniques through meditation and others are for those who are looking for a deeper level of healing and guidance in their journey of life and healing themselves, finding their greater purpose in life, receiving intuition from their higher self, or meeting their guides. There's a taste for the beginners of meditation as well as those who've been meditating for some time.

I've recorded two specific one hour-long meditations for the body and releasing tension. The first meditation for the body is called body scan. It's a simple scan of your entire body to release the tension where it's being stored. This meditation allows you to just experience and feel your entire body deeply. It will help you to become aware of the parts of your body that hold the most tension and guides you in releasing it.

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The second body mediation is called Talk to Your Body – Prompt It To Go Back To Perfect Health. This meditation guides you to speak to your unconscious mind in the reprogramming of each body part, each system, organ, muscle, and cell. Just as you people use affirmations to re-condition their thoughts, you can speak to your unconscious mind and tell it exactly how it should function according to your needs.

I particularly like this one, because you are guided to use it for the specific needs of your body. As an example, if you have a terrible memory like I do, you can speak to your unconscious mind, letting it know that it's brain memory should function perfectly. Or in the case of a medical issue, you would reprogram your mind and your body to know the exact way it should be functioning.

Oh, the power of mediation. If we all just took the much needed time for ourselves to reset and heal the way our bodies were intended, we would all be so much healthier. Imagine what more you could accomplish in your life if you just stopped briefly enough every day to practice some self-love. Aren't you worth it?


Source by Nicole Lawler