Leaving Home To Be With Someone You Love

We have all been in love once or twice in our lives. And we all felt like moving in and living with the other person forever. Some relationships worked out, some have not. Despite that, we all had that rush feeling of leaving home for love. But is it the right thing to do? Are we rational when we take a decision that is tied with love or are we acting on an irrational base? When should anyone move out from their house and with their current boyfriend or girlfriend? What should you consider before moving out?

Here is what you should take into consideration before leaving home for love:

  • Age – before you even consider leaving home, you should ask yourself if you are not too young to do so. 16, 17 and even 18 can be considered too young to move out and be with the person they love. You will actually have to find a way of supporting yourself, financially speaking. No more let me ask for money from my parents or my parents will buy me that. Also, you should consider the age your boyfriend or girlfriend has.
  • Education – many girls are willing to sacrifice their education in order to move in with the boys they like, when in fact, no one guarantees you that the relationship will work out. Before you move out, ask yourself if you are eager to throw away all the years you spent studying, all your dreams and your whole future. No one says that you will never find a college or a university where you are moving or that you won’t be able to do school and job together, but questions can save you some trouble.
  • Responsibilities – are you ready to move in with your boyfriend, to cook for him, do laundry, clean the house, while going to school and have a job? Do you feel ready for the whole experience or do you simply think it will be amazing and that things will work out?
  • Distance – where are you moving? Is it far from your friends and family? If you are unprepared for the whole experience, not only you will hate the whole idea, but when things get tough, you won’t be able to meet your friends and complain.
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Leaving home for love sounds lovely, but it is definitely as easy as it sounds. Things get tough, especially when the money is low. Don’t throw a good life away, only because you love the other person. Take into account every single detail of your individual life before you simply run into a scary and unknown situation. You are the only one responsible for your life and plans. And you will be the only one to blame if things do not go as expected.

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Love is the closest thing to magic, but do not let it blind you and drive you away from your dreams or path.


Source by Tim L