Life Science Versus the Big Bang

Isaac Newton's infinite universal first principle theories of gravity were derived from ancient Greek science. Today these principles can demonstrate that Einstein's quantum mechanical worldview had been based upon the false assumption that Newton believed that the mass of objects in space was the first cause of gravity. Einstein's quantum mechanics led to the Big-Bang theory of the universe expanding from nothing, which appears to be quite absurd. In 1952 the Nobel Laureate scientist, Erwin Schrodinger, referred to a multiverse that to his audience might have sounded like a lunatic idea, but nonetheless his prize-winning mathematics argued otherwise. The existence of multiple parallel universes is now at the center of great controversy. The 2007 Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg, pointed out that if they did exist then the Big Bang theory was doomed.

A multiverse universe is considered to be able to communicate information electromagnetically to our universe's outer membrane. The ancient Greek scientific explanation of gravity, that Newton referred to in his 28th Query Discussions, began when a father of science, the philosopher Thales, associated the nature of gravity with a sexual demiurge to cast seed into the cosmic egg. We can now play around with the concept that once the 'seed' penetrates the universal membrane, it begins the growth of its baby at the speed of the big bang. Furthermore, the Greek science about this process was considered ethical if it was about giving birth to a healthy, compassionate offspring.

That ethical purpose was held to be accomplished by nurturing and harmonic female information, resonating from planetary movement being echoed by all living atoms in the universe. This process was referred to by the ancient Greek Science for ethical ends as Wisdom Through Beauty associated with the Music of the Spheres .

Einstein's mechanistic world-view held that the universe would eventually be destroyed according to his understanding of the universal laws of thermodynamics and entropy. However, Newton's first principle logic was about the living process within an infinite universe. We can use such first principle logic to reason about the existence of ethical emotional thought. For example, infinite fractal mathematics is used to model biological systems.

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The Electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science showed how this may be accomplished. Firstly, its goal was to find an ethical motor to make Faraday's electromagnetic motor a child's toy by comparison. In the image of the demiurge to cast seed into the cosmic egg, the human sperm propels itself toward the ovum by an electromagnetic motor driving its tail. Upon entering the ovum the electromagnetic liquid crystal structure of the ovum's membrane transforms the sperm's motor into a centriole. This centriole then electromagnetically charges the first bone formed in the embryo, the sphenoid bone. Attached to the sphenoid bone is the Vagus nerve, the basic building block of human compassion. Hence, we are able to update the ancient 3rd Century BC Greek Science for ethical ends .

Scientists have deduced that the nature of the communication between our universal membrane and a parallel universe is spoken in a mirror-image electromagnetic language. The philosopher of science, Immanuel Kant, in his distinction between artistic aesthetics and ethical artistic wisdom, along with his contemporary, Emmanuel Levinas, argued that artistic evolutionary wisdom is a spiritual inner creative vision induced by an ethical mirror-image electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic geometrical shape taken by the cell at the point of cell division employs electromagnetic mirror-image field properties. These properties prevent the present dysfunctional information belonging to our thermodynamic world-view from being transmitted to the replica cell. This dysfunctional information now belonging to the epidemic transmitted by the mass production of information and communication devices that is now causing incredible social damage can be considered a form of cancer. The antidote lies in a completely new world-view beyond the limitation of the Big Bang theory.

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Art, in particular stereoscopic art, plays an important role to help in realizing Kant's electromagnetic universal purpose. The artist, Salvador Dali, experimented with stereoscopic art in order to explain the existence of a more profound future scientific culture. By viewing many paintings of the 21st Century through asymmetrical electromagnetic stereoscopic glasses, Salvador Dali's message about a future Science-Art culture becomes immediately visible. New Science-Art technologies have made this possible. From such information an antidote to the present dysfunctional stereoscopic epidemic, transmitted by the mass manufacture of information and communication devices becomes feasible.

By programming a computer with the ancient Greek spiritual wisdom, previously forbidden because it did not conform to present science's demand for our extinction, we can gain freedom from the dictates of the universal thermodynamic heat death law and quickly generate a rigorous human survival blueprint simulation.


Source by Robert Pope