Louise Hay’s Morning Meditation | Video

Louise Hay’s Morning Meditation is the perfect way to greet each new day. This softly guided gratitude meditation will lead you through a practice of giving thanks, which leaves you feeling full and at peace with all that is right now. Using this meditation as a daily practice will bring you great comfort and restored appreciation in the daily gifts we so often take for granted. Bless your gifts, your comforts and the people you meet each day –and watch the magic that follows.

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  1. So sad to see no new comments in 2020 everywhere on YouTube. One love people I’ll like at your comments to wake you all up 👍

  2. Thanks so much for this meditation ..during the meditation practice I started cry n realized that I have lots of positive n best things in my life that I never cherished thanks to God for this life 😊

  3. Thank You Louise for your forever existence, your unconditional love. The world needs this right now. Let this love & human awakening expand far & wide to every corner of the universe.
    I know you are smiling on us. Thank YOU 💐🕊️💝

  4. This video turned me around completely and revolutionized my life in a vividly radical way!! The peaceful simplicity of this audio bit is a message straight from the source of creation spoken through its divine children by Louise Hay.. Its absolute truth and I am grateful

  5. I love this meditations words but surely Hay House can remaster this track? That clicking noise is so loud and the clunky piano is awful! Yet still I love this meditation. I wish they would just have her voice with nothing else.

  6. This is my safe house to come back. As we are going through the coronavirus pandemic, I am finding peace with Louise hay. Thank you Louise❤️

  7. Now that i'm working from home I can really appreciate this. It was impossible whilst I was in an office. I hope this working from home lifestyle remains post COVID because it's the best thing for introverts and sensitives.

  8. Loise Mam , may your soul rests in peace , your gifted voice and wonderful thoughts put us in the present moments and past needs to be forgotten, past is only to be thanked , any body done wrong to us is the best learning we experienced , I am a Soldier seen the tough days in war and at times in peace but after the retirement this voice is a part of my life being an early riser , a habit formed by my Parents as a Son of a Soldier of India , I love my INDIA but also respect all other countries especially USA where my Life underwent a Change and new confidence developed with the help of Loise Hay ( YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE ) , Rhonda Byrne ( SECRET ) , Sant Singh Chatwal ( A GREAT HOTELIER IN NEW YORK ) and my awakening with in , thank you , YOU TUBE , Thank YOU GOOGLE

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