Love and Relationships – True Love is an Expression and Extension of Self – Part 1

Many individuals continuously seek love and affection of some kind, to be loved or to belong, whether it is from a spouse, parent, child, sibling, friends and peers, bosses and workmates and even pets. They continuously think that something outside of self will fulfil an empty space within that they feel needs to be filled.

However, they very rarely seek self-love, to love the self, to honour, to feel worthy, to accept and bless the self and to have compassion for self, for the experiences they have endured. Why? Because humanity only looks on the outer, they never get to think that energy reflects from the inner to the outer. What you are within, you project out, to reflect your vibration to the outer. If your feel lost, lonely and empty, what do you think you will attract back – emptiness in your relationships? If you have fear and hate in your heart, do you think you can attract love and kindness back?

To address the issue on love can be broken down into 4 main categories.

1. Love

2. Love to Do Something

3. Hate

4. True Love

Let’s take a look at each individual category:

1. Love – Physical love is an extension of loving yourself. In your world you have chosen to believe in certain patterns, in duality and in separation and only bits and pieces of you that you choose to create and achieve with. When you stop seeing the physical being as a shell, made up of blood, flesh and bones, that was born as a result of a mistake of atoms that perishes at death, you will begin to see that the soul and spirit is expressing and experiencing life within that physical vessel, then your relationship with another is a way of seeking self – love is a way to feel tender affection for somebody or something through the self.

Love is a way for you to feel a desire, to feel a romantic and a sexual desire and longing towards another, through the self and it is a way for you to share and do something with another, through the self. If you can have a romantic love affair with another can you have one with yourself? It is a way, for you are eternally inseparable, you are a part of each other, you are a divine eternal being. The physical love is an extension of soul love, for within each life-time you can experience love, to join in the wonders and glory of reuniting once again. Who do you love? Who have you great affection for? Do you enjoy their company? Do you enjoy your own company? Do you love yourself? Do you love conditionally or unconditionally? What agendas to you hold on to when you love another?

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2. Love to Do Something – Love has many forms – it is not about loving another, but it is also to love doing, being and having something – to fulfill a creative passion or desire. Again whatever you do, eg a creative skill is reflecting your energy, you are putting out your love for something – that creative talent is an extension of you. Do you have a strong liking for or pleasure gained from something? Do you love something that elicits deep interest and enthusiasm in you? What do you love to do? Can you radiate out that love to others? Can you share that love to you? What do you love to create and express in your reality?

3. Hate – The opposite of love is fear and hate. There is a very fine line between the two, because hurt is the instigator in crossing that line. Due to old beliefs, controls and selfish agendas, love can easily turn into hate when someone cannot get what they want or lose what they can’t enslave. However, you cannot allow someone to hold onto you if the relationship is not serving you or your partner in an empowering and fulfilling way. Sovereignty and freedom has no rules that bind you into any limited confined walls.

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Do you hate or have an intense dislike towards someone or something? Are you unwilling to like someone or something? Are you hated by someone? Do you dislike or detest somebody or something in a way that evokes feelings of anger, hostility, or animosity? Do you have a strong distaste for something? Do you loathe or have an aversion for something, somebody, or something that has to be done? Are you disgusted with someone or something? Are you repulsed by and can’t stand something or someone?

4. True Love – True love is the expression and the reuniting of yourself, which is the same essence that flows through all others and self and creation. You are interconnected to all and when you love yourself then you can love all others. When you can have a wonderful relationship with yourself, then you can have a wonderful relationship with others. Love is essentially a state of being, you cannot discover love until you unfold the love for yourself, you cannot love another until you love yourself, therefore self-love is loving all in the universe, because everything upon earth is within you.

Love is tapping into that part of the self; it’s being receptive to invite others into this space. E.g. When you fudge or find a fault in another it is just revealing a weakness, dislike or irritation within yourself. The act of contraction leads you toward being unloved that bring a feeling of isolation and separation. It is a state of fear, an addiction from some kind of insecurity, anger or some emotional issue, but expansion and openness leads to total love.

Source by Pamela Belle Skuse