Love Beyond Words

How do you love beyond words? This is a hard concept for a lot of people to understand, but when you finally get it, it all makes sense and you see the complete picture. No regrets, and love unconditionally with no strings attached in life.

So many people today take the words “I love you” and use them over and over again to where they have no meaning. How many times have you caught yourself saying “I love you” when walking out the door or at the end of a phone conversation. It comes out so naturally, but how often when this happens do we really mean it, listen to it or really feel it with our souls, not many I bet.

Have you ever had anyone in your life ever show you love in anyway without the use of words? Maybe they did something that no one else did for you just at the right time and you knew they really did love you. Maybe they said something you had been longing to hear but never heard until then, and it wasn’t “I love you.”

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A lot of us do not appreciate the concept of love until it is gone or lost. What most of us do not even see or comprehend a lot of times, or sometimes it is simple as just that we forget, is that we are loved from the Universal Spirit, or your own interpretation of God.

You are loved for who you are. You are loved for your soul. You are loved in every possible way. And you are here also to share your love with others. Not just a simple “I love you” but to go beyond this to where you or the other person becomes this heart swollen love filled embodiment ready to burst with love energy. That is what loving beyond words is!

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So next time you see your spouse, child, or friend really mean it from the heart and deep down in your soul when you tell them you love them. When you see the person working a fundraiser for charity, stop and give them your spare change and see how it lights their face up, and know you have spread some love even more. Or when you see the homeless person on a cold night, take them one of your spare blankets and see what kind of changes it makes not only in your own heart and soul but theirs as well. Love beyond words with the whole world and we can change it one random act of kindness at a time.


by Nicole Lanning