Lower Your Medical Expenses By Using A Bidet

Living at today’s frenetic pace causes some people to take short cuts which leave a lingering negative side effect – for everyone. For example, there are some who do not bath daily, nor wash their hands after using the bathroom. I’ve seen people sit down to eat without first washing their hands, and even sneeze into their hands without following up with any sanitary measures. We’ve all noticed people in public restrooms come out of a stall and immediately head for the exit door, and what about the person in the car next to you at a traffic light picking their nose with their bare hands? Yikes! We can’t solve all of these issues, but we can make a dent by regularly using a bidet. As any certified germaphobe will attest, the best medicine is Preventive Medicine!

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The bidet doesn’t require manual dexterity or coordination, which makes it perfect for the disabled and the elderly, as well as everyone else. Because the bidet cleans without touching, the chance for fecal contamination on hands, skin, clothing, and bathroom fixtures can be eliminated.

The bidet also provides gentle, non irritating care for many other health problems including hemorrhoids, rashes, and postpartum care for new mothers. It is the perfect personal hygiene bathroom accessory, and provides its users with a quick and easy tool for improved health and hygiene.

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Hemorrhoids, is a condition which is irritated by toilet paper use, and can be relieved with the use of the bidet. The Biffy bidet easily cleans around hemorrhoids without manual contact or the aggravation of rubbing of any kind. The soothing rinse promotes quicker healing and maintains proper hygiene in the future. An added benefit is that the gentle rectal stimulation of the water also relieves constipation. Simply put, the Biffy bidet is good for your body.


by Dr Warren Smith