Machine Learning in Hindi | Machine Learning Tutorial in Hindi | Python for Machine Learning | 2020 | Video

This ‘Machine Learning in Hindi’ video will help you to master all the machine learning concepts and you’ll also learn how to use Python for Machine Learning. There are very few resources or no resources at all on machine learning in Hindi, so that is why we have come up with this Machine Learning Full Course in Hindi.

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This Machine Learning Tutorial will comprise of the following topics:

*Installing Pandas- 01:36
*Python Basics and Data Structures- 09:53
*Libraries in Python- 01:58:13
*NumPy- 1:59:42
*Pandas- 02:28:15
*Matplotlib- 02:59:11
*ML basics- 3:34:04
*Linear Regression- 03:43:04
*Logistic Regression- 03:59:47
*Decision Tree- 04:11:11



  1. Thanks sir
    I watched this whole class
    Learned many basic concept with your clear concept and best teaching technique.

    Thanks you once again.

  2. Hello sir, I am your new subscriber.
    Sir, phathon ka name to bahut suna hai, lekin iska kaam kya hota hai…? Kisi ne bhi nahi bataya..
    Please mujhe bataiye ki ye course kar ke hame kya fayda hoga, koun sa kaam milega, Koun sa line me kaam milega..? Ye aapka full course hai ya or bhi aage course karna hoga..? Please suggest me…

  3. Good Morning.

    I could put subtitles on the video, in order to understand what it says since I don't speak the language and YouTube gives the option to translate the subtitles.


  4. Hii sir , i have doubt please solve my doubt . There are 7 operators in python as in seen in other python courses in english but in this tutorial u mentioned only 3 operators . So rest 4 is madatory or if i learn only 3 which u studying me is enough ? Please i m confuse

  5. mean_squared_error(y_test , y_dt)

    i am getting this error on my practice dataset.
    how can be error like 659??????is it possible

    please help

  6. I am from electrical engineering background and also doing job in power distribution sector.
    But i was always interested in IT & CS. And want to learn some new things like programming.
    Thank you so much for your help.
    Hope i will utilize this opportunity in Lockdown with yours learning tutorial.

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