Make Money Online: Genuine Or Hype?

There has long been a saying that ‘if something looks too good to be true it probably is’. That is often applied to business opportunities on or offline and especially if some hyped up advertisement is telling you that for only a small investment you can learn how to make a fortune in a short time.

The make money online market has it’s fair share of dubious offers, the headlines screeching out at you ‘BECOME RICH OVERNIGHT’ or ‘LEARN THE SECRET TO HOW I MADE MILLIONS’ – that type of thing and worse. Sometimes the sales pages have screenshots of bank statements or affiliate earnings reports, they might be true but they also might be fake, it isn’t easy to distinguish between the true and fake if you are inexperienced.

The sales pages might have some great testimonials, some might even have pictures of those who have supposedly written them standing by a Ferrari or lolling round a pool with cocktail in hand. Do you believe them? Invariably I am suspicious and it’s no wonder.

I’ve been asked to review new products by people who I don’t know. I’ve seen threads in forums where the original poster asks others to review their new product in exchange for a freebie. Nice warm glow for getting a freebie can mean a better testimonial than a product deserves. Friends will also give good testimonials when asked.

I’ve even seen a website developer advertise his services saying that if his customers don’t give him a testimonial within so many days of their website being built the developer will take the website back and refund them.

OK in that instance the advertiser may mean that in a roundabout way as a guarantee of quality, but it is still forced testimonials. As far as I’m concerned the only real testimonials come from true customers who have bought and tried the product out, or have bought previous products from the creator and are testimony to the business. But those testimonials should be given freely without being asked for or forced.

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There are laws in many countries against false advertising and the US government in particular have been clamping down on false claims, over hype and false testimonials on the Internet. That’s great but we still need to look out for ourselves.

This is my opinion and you might not agree with it, but every Internet marketing product sales page should be viewed cautiously and especially those with scary videos where some idiot is shouting things at you about strangers giving them a money making system. Some sale pages have a time factor where if you don’t buy within a certain time the price will go up, or there are only so many left to sell. I hate that type of sales page and click away unless the product is very cheap and is something that I’ve been looking for.

In the real world we have special offers and sales limited by time but that is usually days not minutes, but we are not in the real world now. However ‘Buyer Beware’ applies on or offline.

My advice is to always do a search for news of products that you are interested in. Ignore the so called reviews from affiliates trying to sell the products, search for true feedback – often to be found on forums where people say what they really think.

I also believe that not all of the make money online claims are false or scams. It may be possible for the seller to earn a fortune online with their system, but they are they and you are you. The seller could have a massive mailing list of buyers, have lots of good contacts in the Internet marketing world who promote their product for them with joint ventures. The seller could be a well known IM guru who will attract customers because they are well known and because buyers hope that midas touch will rub off on them.

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The seller will also possibly have had their business system in place for a while and when they develop or promote something new they can make money with much more speed and ease than somebody new to making money online can. So when you know that you also realise that the saying ‘It’s what you earn not what somebody else earns that counts’. However, you still might be buying valuable information that you can use to your advantage, if not now then later when you have your own systems in place.

If you are new to making money online then stop and think about everything that you do. Check out IM forums and blogs, they are usually packed with a lot of good free information. If you are unsure ask questions, learn from others who are walking the talk. Wait until you have learned more before spending any money, give yourself time and then maybe you will spend wisely. All too often newcomers to internet marketing throw their hard earned cash at the first enticing money making things that they see and then walk away disappointed when it doesn’t work for them – if only they had waited.

‘Information is king’ – I know, another saying, but it’s true. With the right information, knowing how to act upon it, a small investment, time, patience and effort it really is possible to build a successful online business.


Source by Patricia A. Jones