Manifesting Your Life With Quantum Physics

Your first reaction to the title of this article is: “What?” prepare to be enlightened. Basically, the Holographic Projector Room is a room equipped with quantum physics devices invented by Dr. Fred Bell. The devices are actually called Andromedan Holographic Projectors, and employ scalar wave technology.

Let’s backtrack just a bit, with a brief explanation of quantum physics. Basically, quantum physicists view objects as both particles and waves, and use the term ‘wave function’ instead of any precise value for the objects’ attributes, thereby viewing the object as a ‘wave of probability’, which can change (in a wavelike manner) at any number of different frequencies.

If that “what?” came back, consider this: when an object is viewed, it always occurs as we expect it. It performs a ‘quantum jump’, transforming from a range of vibrating possibilities, into a single, observable (and expected) function. If you are familiar with Schodinger’s cat (a cat placed in a closed box might only exist when you look in the box, and disappears to another place when you are not looking), you are getting close to quantum explanations.

Of course, cat-people understand that cats exist outside of our known universe! The mind-blowing part of this quantum physics stuff is too much fun to fit in one world–mainly: YOU, the Observer, create Reality by what you expect. Now, if that is true, that means you create your own Reality…so isn’t it a good idea to start really thinking about that?

Think about what Quantum Physics might really be: the Science of Manifestation. You might know that for something to be scientifically proven, it must be verifiable and reproducible–which brings me to the reason for this article.

Being a person who really loves interesting new experiences, I had to put together my own room utilizing the projectors (of course). Being scientifically minded, I also had to conduct a study: The Effect of Scalar Technology on Consciousness. The study was on 12 people and a dog (the dog proved to be the Enlightened Being in the group) and consisted of one 15-minute session in the room, weekly, for eight weeks. Several parameters were measured: radiation levels, blood pressure, pulse, happiness, resonant field levels, and several other things.

As in most studies, everyone was treated the same, and every variable that could be controlled was taken care of. The astounding findings are these: EVERY PARTICIPANT IMPROVED, ACROSS ALL PARAMETERS! The dog enjoyed it also, and was very happy the humans finally understood doghood better. The scientist was amazed to find (with the resonant field imaging detector) that the frequencies in the room changed according to what the person in the room asked to bring into manifestation.

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“Wow!” said the scientist (me), ” so that’s how it works!”Having a ‘light-bulb over the head’ moment, I realized so many amazing things at once, that I am unable to convey even 1/1000th at present…I’ll be working on these concepts for the rest of my life.

What I did not know about using scalar technology is this: it works…fast. What does this mean for you? It means you start remembering how to manifest joyfully, and you remember YOU are responsible for your creation. In other words, using the projector room puts you in touch with who you really are, easily. No sweat, no muss, no fuss; just results.

So, are you wondering just what is a scalar device? Perhaps a description of the Andromedan Holographic Projector is in order:

“In careful study of the Projector as viewed from the front, you’ll notice a de-spiraling pattern that collapses into an infinity pattern.These space penetrating design patterns, in turn, create two scalar fields that collapse into themselves.This creates a doorway into the holographic structure of the universe.The two three-sided pyramids move the energy, starting with the mental plane, following energies through the other six planes simultaneously.This creates a merger of consciousness and the holographic nature of space and time…”

“…In order to enter an infinite number of dimensions within our Eighth Parallel Universe (recommended reading: “Rays of Truth-Crystals of Light” by Dr. Fred Bell for more information), we need to have a key to open the door.That is what the projector does.When the projector opens these doors, the world will begin to feel the subtle holographic changes that will instantaneously rearrange everything, as we know it today.

The first thing that will happen when wearing a Projector is your personal Universe will change.Unlike the Nuclear Receptor, which allows your body to process negative energies, the Projector removes negative energies before they were created in the first place. Therefore, not only did they not ever reach you; any effect they could have had is gone!”(Courtesy Dr.Fred Bell)

Dr. Bell has been a Pleiadian and Andromedan contactee for a good many years, and has been the recipient of many interesting quantum physics designs.

It might help to note here that Dr. Bell is also a physicist who, at age 14, was not only working at the University of Michigan on nuclear energy projects, but was also inducted into the U.S. government’s project called M. K. Ultra.

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The Andromedan Holographic Projectors are a project that Dr. Bell developed in the last few years. Since placing a set of the projectors in his own home, Dr. Bell has had a “Star gate” open up right in his living room. In fact, during a documentary that was being filmed in that living room, the Star gate opened spontaneously (and was filmed for all posterity)!

When the Star gate opens, one is able to notice a dimensional distortion–kind of like a disturbance on the surface of water, but with light. To say this is interesting is obvious; to experience being IN it is something hard to describe. The most common reaction is a sort of dizzy feeling, along with a profound peaceful excitation. At the least, it is a very relaxing experience.

At the Natural Resonance Clinic, in Sedona, Arizona (the Arizona distributor for the projectors and other Dr.Bell products), you can experience the projectors for yourself. The clinic Holographic room is set up in a general healing configuration (not the Star gate pattern), which has resulted in very quick changes for most people. Shall I mention the sighting of various inter-dimensional beings by those who have psychic vision?

Many anomalies such as dimensional warping have also been noted in the room, as well as perceived time changes. During the research study, there were days that ‘the room was hoppin’!”, so much so that those of us outside the room felt Beings inside the room touching and calling to us.

Now, before you run off screaming about demons and such, let me assure you that other devices protect the office. These devices are necessary due to the tendency of energies to increase together: if you increase the positive energies, you automatically increase the negative. What might you do with this increase of positive energy; could you send it in a direction that might bring your desires to you quicker? Yes, you could indeed help yourself; you might even call it increasing your good luck.


Source by Dr. Valerie Olmsted