Meditation Kills Germs and Bacteria of The Mind

I was listening to a Satsang and there were some questions presented about wisdom, meditation, intuition and beliefs, but before we start on these questions there will be a short meditation. For anyone new keep these pointers in mind: the spine must be free and straight and not pinched, the head must be straight with your attention at the point between the eyebrows. This is the door of super-consciousness and unless the eyes are turned up no meditation is possible. There are three states of consciousness in the way you hold your physical eyes. They are subconscious which is downward and induces sleep, the conscious which is keeping the eyes straight and super-conscious is turning them upward. When you turn both eyes at the point between the eyebrows you neutralize the positive and negative current of the medulla oblongata. If you don’t put your attention and eyes at the point between the eyebrows you are just sitting and not meditating. You must use your will to keep the attention there without straining.

When you come into the temples of Self-Realization you do not come here to be entertained or listen to some metaphysical or psychic acrobatics. You come here for only one purpose to motivate yourself to meditate because it is only when we have been able to convince you to meditate steadfastly everyday that we have accomplished anything behind this podium. If I can not convince you to meditate and make yourself more receptive to receive the grace of God then I am talking in vain, I am talking in a desert and I hope it is not so. You have to understand that life must be a constant expansion of enthusiasm of motivating power in which you are going to really become interested in your own self. The whole external world will not uplift you, as the Bhagavad Gita says “lift the self by the self” and we came here for only one purpose in this school of wisdom, to regain our divinity. Everything else is vanity or vanity or vanity.

It is through wisdom that you can make a sound investigation of what beliefs are. Wisdom unites all people. It is simple; the moment you have wisdom you have expansion and you automatically understand the Muslim, the Buddhist, the Jew, the Hindu and the Christian are all going in the same direction of one God. What separates religion between religion is beliefs. Today we have over two hundred and seventy five different Christian denominations and each one preaching its own interpretation of Jesus Christ. A house which is divided shall fall. There was only one church that was supposed to exist. Which one was that? The one Jesus put upon Peter. Figure out which one it is, I am not going to say and put myself in hot water.

I will explain to you what is being taught more or less about God among the various churchianity of the world, a God we cannot understand. They tell you God came first as cosmic intelligence, but we behold cosmic ignorance at the same time. We know that God was cosmic light and God found the light was good so he created the light, but we have cosmic darkness. You and I are in complete darkness because each time we close our eyes we are living in a sea of light but see nothing but complete darkness, why? Because we are living in the subconscious mind. There is cosmic sound, there is Mozart and there is the Black Sabbath. There is cosmic wisdom to unite all people and there is cosmic confusion. There is cosmic joy and there is cosmic sorrow because everybody experiences death and do not know they are immortal so they suffer horribly at the separation of death. Then there is cosmic peace; who has peace in this world when there is cosmic unrest? There is cosmic beauty and cosmic ugliness in the way mankind treat each other with war, starvation and torture. Then we have cosmic love and we have cosmic hatred but that my dear is all a dream. It exists only as a dream, fine, I’m the one dreaming, I’m the one experiencing it, correct.

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Therefore the master tells us to meditate and something else is going to appear in you which Lord Krishna says, “Oh Arjuna be anchored in that which is changeless and that is cosmic bliss.” In bliss there is no dream, no duality and no opposites. When you obtain cosmic bliss all those aspects of God are only one positive aspect of creation but as long as you are in duality with your mind and you know God only through the intellect and beliefs you will experience the duality of opposites. Ask anybody if they believe God is a God of love. Then how do you explain all the misery in the world? You can’t. Why, because it’s a dream. That is why Krishna said “Arjuna get out of my delusion.”

According to Patanjali the real inner teaching of a cosmic Christ cannot be understood through the testimony of others nor by listing to their interpretations but can only be grasped by testing them directly by the power of intuition. Only the Hindu gives the proper etymology of the word intuition, that which flows of itself. Your own omniscience, your own omnipresence and your own omnipotence, that’s what we are, it is why Jesus said ” no ye not ye are gods and children of the most high” but we do not believe those things because we don’t know them. We do not know we are divine, when we look at our behavior in our daily life we lose faith in ourselves.

Unless you have wisdom you can not soundly investigate what beliefs are, but as you proceed in meditation with deeper and deeper perceptions of God the master says it can transform into a dynamic intuitive face structure by direct experience. It is like reincarnation either you know or you don’t know, it’s simple. At the age of sixteen I knew about reincarnation. How did I know? I knew, I didn’t care the rest of the world didn’t believe it, I knew it from within.

In the science of yoga we don’t juggle from one belief to the other. We advance only in the degree we individually experience through meditation. The master says the direct experience of healing, feeling and seeing are various aspects of God you feel from within. God cannot be known by thoughts, He is beyond thoughts. His creation is made of a dream texture known as the cosmic dream, but He is the only reality which manifests throughout His cosmic dream as omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent feelings. What is first, thoughts or feelings? Ask yourself what is first. William James said they are so close together you can’t separate them but Yogananda separated them for us, feeling is first amazingly enough.

To be able to understand great thoughts you have to reprogram your subconscious mind. As we have great music when you listen to that music you are not just listening to only the music but inside the capsule of the sound are the character, feelings and personality of the artist. Reading and absorbing a book is to vibrate with and where ever you put your mind, look at or study, especially watching television turns on the phsyco-neuro biochemistry switch to start the reprogramming of the DNA code in our brain. If you want to reprogram your subconscious mind to live in a higher world you will have to begin to feed it with highly spiritual data to reprogram your whole life.

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Yogananda said “do not think you can comprehend the infinite Lord by reason. Reason can grasp only the cause and effect principle that pertains to the phenomenal worlds. In order to behold the infinite truth, intelligence must be expanded or enlarged by meditation until it becomes a boundless cup of intuition.” Now there lies the problem. How are you going to expand you intelligence by reading more books, meditating more? What is the intelligence in you? Your conscience, your conscience is God’s intelligence vibrating through you. It is impossible for you to expand your consciousness to the infinite unless you lead a life of high righteousness and high morality.

If you are not meditating to quicken your intuition, you will long for incarnations until you have gathered enough intuition experiences to know all truths to regain your own cosmic consciousness as spirit. Here and now we are supposed to be in cosmic consciousness in this physical form, if not, we will have to come back to earth to regain cosmic consciousness. You cannot regain it in the astral or causal worlds.

Therefore the Kriya Yoga technique based upon itself opens intuition. The more earnest you are about it the wider and greater will be your vision of the reality of God. It is through intuition that humanity reaches divinity. In the practice of Kriya Yoga the influences of the senses gradually vanishes and intruding thoughts disappear and Bliss of God is realized; the consciousness in all, one and one in all is down upon us.

The technique of Kriya Yoga removes your consciousness from the thoughts into a constant increasing feeling and is by intuition that God is realized in all His aspects. We have no senses that can reveal knowledge of Him. The senses give knowledge of only his manifestation thought inferences. No thought inferences can enable us to know Him as He truly is. Why, because He is infinite. Intuitive perceptions bring forth faith, quite different than beliefs. Most people do not know the difference between the two; for instance, many believe that by just believing in Christ, Krishna or Buddha they will be saved but it is not as simple as that.

Yogananda said that anyone out of the twenty four hour day who does not spend one hour a day with God and himself is already dead. He said the only time you are truly alive is when you commune with your own self, for you are not the body and you are not the mind and when you leave your body you will realize you have been taking care of somebody else, you will have accomplished absolutely nothing during your lifetime. That is the time of judgment. The more you become conscious of God the more He will reveal within yourself that which you already know. You do not have to learn anything; you have to remove all the obstructions which prevent you to know. This world is a liar and was from the beginning. The whole creation is lying to us constantly structuring a misleading ego personality which is grafted upon us. Meditation kills the mental germs and bacteria within this ego personality.


by Gary Zalben