Message From the Universe: Looking for Abnormal Trends

“Don’t you see?

Those things that haven’t yet worked out in your life are anomalies.

And those things that have worked out (all else), create your constantly evolving new normal.

This is called a trend.

Onward and upward,

The Universe”

So if the trend is based on your personal accomplishments, then you are walking on the right path of success. Following a trend is based on existing popularity of what is currently happening in your direct environment. The trend can be a new exercise regimen, new clothes, new books to read, new foods to eat, new things to do or whatever else you see plastered in your television. We follow a trend because we want to be a part of that exclusive group that live life mechanically, without really thinking for themselves. They look as to where the majority of people tend to tilt towards and they follow it, regardless if it works for them or not. They let others think for themselves, as I said, living like cybernetic organism. Just look at what is going on around us. There are terrorists, around 40 000 of them, who are able to control the whole 7 billion of people in this planet because of their act of cruelty and implementing fear among citizens. Are you telling me that super powers like the USA and other countries cannot annihilate these individuals? I mean, COME ON, for God’s sakes. Grow some balls, why don’t you?

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Multiculturalism have created an environment where foreigners (not all of them, of course) come to a country and feel entitled to everything that is offered. The worst is that they leave their country because of persecution against them, move here, complain and terrorize citizens in the country that welcomed them and feel like we have to bend backwards for them because of their religion and beliefs. Where is the logic here? I guess the rights given to them at entry was obvious as they feel like they can do whatever they want without assuming any circumstances of their actions. Just look at Europe, including Britain, France and other countries who welcomed terrorists to finally being taken over by them and controlling whatever they want. The government is too afraid to go against them so let them rule the country and implement whatever Shariah law they want. What are we expecting from all this? A creation of a new government (the wrong one) that will want to implement their way of living or innocent people will pay the price (violence or death). Oh wait, that sound very familiar just like the Nazi regime during World War II with Hitler. Wow, history does repeat itself. Talk about a trend here.

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by Daniel A Amzallag