My Wife Doesn’t Love Me Anymore! Why There’s Still Hope for Your Marriage

Whenever I receive an email through my blog that starts with, “my wife doesn’t love me anymore,” my heart sinks just a bit. It’s so hard to hear how many men are struggling with this in their marriages. Like you, they love their wife, and are devastated when they either hear her say she’s not in love anymore or they infer that based on her actions of late. The road ahead always seems cloudy and filled with confusion if you’re unsure how your wife feels and what that means for the future of your marriage. Instead of viewing this revelation as the beginning of the end, it’s wise to see it as the beginning of positive change. Most couples have many hurdles to clear as they work their way through married life, that’s exactly what you need to view this as.

Falling out of love is something that happens to people whether they’ve been married a year, two years or twenty-five years. We all change as we mature and if you and your wife aren’t in sync with the changes you both make, one or both of you may begin to feel an emotional disconnection. Over time, if a couple doesn’t address these changing feelings several things can happen. One is that one partner will venture outside of the marriage and begin an intimate affair with someone else. Another outcome when a couple fails to stay close is resentment may begin to build and verbal abuse becomes par for the course. Sadly, some couples just quietly let their marriage die until they either divorce or live their lives under the same roof but very disconnected from each other.

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The fact that you’re aware that your wife doesn’t love you anymore is actually a positive thing. I know that sounds confusing, but if you sense that she’s fallen out of love or she’s told you, you know that you have issues that have to be dealt with. You’re facing them instead of burying them beneath a happy demeanor with the hope that things will magically get better.

Talk to the woman you married. Obviously, you need to be cautious in the way you approach this subject. If you come out of the gate with your anger blazing, she’s going to likely retreat into herself and she won’t share with you what has caused her feelings to change so dramatically. The tone you set for the conversation is crucial. You must be compassionate and kind and explain that you understand that her feelings now may not mirror the feelings she had on your wedding day, but you want very much to gain insight into what’s happened. Don’t tell her at this point that you’re intent on fixing things. She needs to first feel comfortable discussing what she is feeling.

Sometimes the discontent a woman feels in her marriage is actually more related to her life in general than her relationship with her husband. If you can encourage your wife to talk more about what is happening within her life that may help you piece together the puzzle of her changing feelings. Don’t push her to share more than she’s willing to at any given moment.

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It’s obviously incredibly important that you tell your wife how you feel as well. If you love her and feel deeply committed to making the marriage work, tell her. She may not know how you feel if you two aren’t committed to spending time regularly sharing how you feel.

Becoming more emotionally connected with your wife, through discussion and even just spending more time together, can change the course of your marriage. There are times when one partner checks out of the relationship because they feel their spouse has given up. If you truly want the marriage to work, stay invested and show your wife that you are by being there for her and helping her in any way you can.

If you feel therapy would be beneficial, gently bring the subject up with your wife. Again, this is not something that you want to push her towards if she doesn’t feel it would benefit her. You have to respect her needs and wants. By doing so you’ll be showing her that you want to put her first which can help immensely when you’re trying to rebuild a strained connection.


Source by Gillian Reynolds