Natural Disaster Survival Kit-Best Survival Kit

  • Do you need a natural disaster survival kit?

In my opinion most people are very complacent about their personal security. Saying that, most think it can't happen to me. But wait it has happen to people you know or someone else knows. Examples of this are just what has happened with hurricane Harvey and Irma, damage and devastation to homes, businesses, and even loss of life. In both of these instances warning was given ahead of time. So if you were prepared ahead of time with a bug out bag it would have maybe saved you with less worry.

  • What kind of natural disaster survival kit do you need?

There are kits for all kinds of disasters; including first-aid style, nuclear, family kids, earthquake, severe weather, and many others. Our focus will be on weather survival and you will see how all the others will fit in.

  • The most important item in your bug out bag I personally think is water.

The reason I say this is because without it we can not survive. The average person can go without water for only three days. Have you noticed that even in times of hurricanes with massive flooding the water becomes tainted with germs and sewage. To solve this problem you need some sort of filtration that will filter out these contaminates to make the water drinkable. This type of filtration is already available for purchase. I highly recommend this item should be in your kit.

  • Can you make your own survival kit?
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I answer this my yes and no. The reason I say this is more of a personal preference than anything else because buying a natural disaster kit will have everything in it that was given much thought by professional survival experts. These experts mostly from military background know what you need to survive. You can start by using a good backpack to put your items in neatly and well organized in a backpack makes since because it will be easier to carry. If you're making a kit for your whole family then you may need a couple bags to carry everything. If cost is not a problem then I would definitely purchase a professional designed survival kit.

  • What will be in the natural disaster survival kit?

Here are the items in your kit and what they will be used for.

  1. Warmth & Outdoor Shelter Kit -Outdoor shelter can be a mylar type sleeping blanket developed by NASA that rest your body heat and keeps you warm. These are cheap and compact, but a much needed item for survival.
  2. Emergency Food & Water Kit -Water the number one item needed for survival which would consist of a water filtration cup for each family member. Food packed in freeze dried packs that will last for months.
  3. Mess Kit -A miniature stove for cooking on and additional cooking items that are essential for cooking in the wilderness.
  4. Emergency Light & Communications Kit- A solar powered camp light which can also serve to charge cell phones. Also in that kit will be several waterproof matches for making a campfire.
  5. Natural Disaster Survival Essentials Kit -Included in this would be an approved survival knife, preferably military style which can be used for chopping, cutting, sawing, and self defense. Also make sure the kit includes fishing line and hooks for catching a meal.
  6. Personal Health & First Aid Kit -In your kit you will get first aid supplies, everything needed for basic wound protection. Your personal hygiene is important to help keep you in tip top shape to challenge any situation. A couple bars of soap will go along way at keeping yourself clean. Standard items like toothbrushes and toothpaste are a must for keeping your body clean.
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To summarize what you just learned about a natural disaster survival kit is that it a necessary addition to your safety and security. You don't want to be without your kit! Keep it in a good place where family members will be able to react if your not around. I also suggest a survival kit for your car in case you are broke down in a storm and no one can reach you. It's always good practice to carry a first aid kit in your car regardless if it's a storm or a car accident, always be prepared. Don't be without your bug out bag it can save your life. There are several training classes that you can take in your local area, why not take a Red Cross first aid class?


by Jerry Standefer