Nikola Tesla Generator – Truth Or Fiction?

If there is one thing that the internet has promoted, it is the large amount of scams out there; one of the oldest is the Tesla generator scam. The idea is that Tesla invented a way to collect free energy and the electric companies have been keeping this power producing device a secret in order to keep making money.

Tesla was an inventor and electrical engineer in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As an inventor he helped to develop most of what became modern electrical systems. If it was not for Tesla the modern electric grid used by most of us would not have been invented. The problem with Tesla was that he was also just a bit on the outside of the belief systems of most scientists of the times. This is why he is associated with things like the Tesla generator scam, and other hoaxes that float around the internet.

There has been a belief for a long time that it is possible to collect the free energy that flows around the universe.

Being able to generate our own energy would put the electric companies out of business, and whenever there are large money-making entities like the electric companies of the world, there will be people who want to believe hoaxes like the Tesla generator scam. While the truth is that there is free energy from the universe flowing around us all every day, there is not enough to actually power anything that requires electricity. On their best day the numerous free energy generators out there actually lose energy faster than they create it. The first sign that the Tesla generator scam is just that a scam is that if someone really had these plans, they would either donate them to mankind as a way to better the planet, or the more likely scenario, sell them to the highest bidder and retire.

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Does it really make sense that all you have to do is buy plans off a web site and never need electricity again. OK, so that is why there has to be a conspiracy, otherwise all the billionaires that earn their money from the buying and selling of energy would be out of business. The problem with the Tesla generator scam is that the only people making any money are the ones that are willing to prey on those that are extremely gullible or the extremely paranoid of every conspiracy theory that comes along.

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While most of the people who would fall for the Tesla generator scam, will tell you tall tales about secret societies that actually run the world and the fact that we are all just not aware of what is really happening, the truth is that there is nothing that has been hidden from anyone.

The real victims of things like the Tesla generator scam are the people who fork over hard-earned cash for a piece of paper with plans for something scientific looking. The maker of this and all scams spend about three cents to print things they sell for twenty bucks. Now there is a conspiracy, this group of unscrupulous people stealing money from the hopeful.

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by Fieha Tran