Nintendo Wii Fit Release – Conspiracy Theory?

Many online and high street stores are taking pre-orders for the imminent Wii Fit release, but will there be any left to be put out onto the shelves?

It is anticipated that there will be a short supply of stocks for the huge demand and already stores are cutting short these pre-orders and even canceling some for fear of not being able to fulfill them.

Who is it aimed at? Who will buy it?

For two Christmas’ running, the Wii console was in short supply with shoppers snapping them up early in October or paying a small fortune on eBay if they’d left it too late.

The market for these consoles was aimed at nearly everyone – the square-eyed kids, the couch potato guys and the addicted gamers. To get them out of their seats and up on their feet.

The media are often telling us how our kids are getting fatter quicker and that they don’t exercise enough, so WHO is their market? – the concerned parents probably. It keeps the kids entertained whilst getting them to jump around a bit. It still doesn’t get them outside though!

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So the adults buy it for the kids and then think ‘that looks fun, give us a go’. then they get hooked. Mum gets roped in to see how good her backhand is – she’s hooked. Then the whole family get together for a challenge of ten-pin bowling and before you know it EVERYONE is hooked in.

It doesn’t end there! Residential homes for the elderly are getting them in. It can also help get them out of their seats and have a bit of fun.

Nintendo have been really clever with this one, either that of it was a real lucky fluke!

So we’ve all got hooked on the Wii Sports, but once you’ve had a few goes and beaten everyone else then it gets a bit boring. There’s always the other games, but they’re a bit more like the kids games. So the remote gets put into a draw and the sofa gets comfy again, but wait, there’ something new coming. It’s called the Wii Fit – again, something different, something EVERYONE wants to have a go at as Wii Sports was such good fun. But guess what? there might not be enough to go around so get your preorder in quick.

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So the Wii console with Wii Sports was a really big hit and surely anyone can see that the Wii Fit with its new accessory – the balance board – will be just as big.

Why can’t Nintendo get their act together and make more than enough, or is it a conspiracy to hype everyone up and want it now?

The teaser is that the release is staggered all over the world with Japan first, Europe, Australia and then the US last (surprising!). So some countries will get it and be raving about it whilst others are chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. The sting is that you can only use the same region game as the console – US console + US Wii Fit, so buying/selling on eBay won’t really be an option.

So is this a great marketing ploy? Or just bad planning? The first probably!


by K Spicknell