Numerology Made Simple

The practice of numerology has its roots in a few places; Chaldean numerology was developed by the Hebrews in Egypt and Babylon and there are indications that numerology was used thousands of years ago in China, Rome, Japan and Greece.

Fast forward to early 1900 when Mrs. L. Dow Balliett, a revered student of the Bible, Pythagoras, Plato and other notable philosophers, introduced her own system of numbers. Largely credited with bringing the study of numerology to the Western world, Mrs. Balliett focused her efforts on allowing people to see themselves as divine beings. Her efforts, coupled with those of Dr. Julia Seton, who is actually credited with coining the term “numerology”, brought this system into the cultural mainstream.

What numbers are calculated:

The Life Path Number is considered by many to be the most important number in the numerology chart. It identifies the natural talents and abilities we are born with and shows us what we are capable of achieving.

The Destiny Number is the sum of all the letters in an individual’s birth name and tells us what we are meant to become and what we are supposed to accomplish in our life.

The Soul Number is used to help get in touch with your intuition. It represents your inner feelings, dreams, motivations and different aspects of one’s spiritual strengths and sensitivities. It is calculated by totaling the values of the numbers representing the vowels in your birth name.

The Personality Number, which is calculated by totaling the values of the numbers representing the consonants in your birth name, shows us how we are seen by others. This number allows us to gain valuable insight on which aspects of our personality may need to be “tweaked” in order to make more favorable first impressions.

The Maturity Number shows us the extent to which we expect to enjoy our “golden years” in a meaningful, satisfying and happy manner. It is calculated by adding our Life Path and Destiny Numbers.

Calculating your Life Path Number add the numbers in your birthdate: Ex: October 12, 1975 = 1+0+1+2+1+9+7+5 = 26 = 2+6 = 8

Meaning of the Life Path Number

So, you’ve calculated your Life Path Number and are ready to know what it means. Here is a brief explanation for each:

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One (1) – Those with a Life Path Number of 1 tend to be independent, self-starters who strive to be the best at whatever they choose to do. Competitive by nature, people with this Life Path Number set high standards for themselves and can be quite critical of those they feel are not meeting expectations. A person with a Life Path Number of 1 should look for a career that will allow them to use these talents to their fullest; entrepreneurship or a career in government are both common career choices.

Two (2) – Those with a Life Path Number of 2 are generally characterized as being peacemakers because they shy away from conflict and confrontation and instead seek harmony in their environment. They also tend to be easygoing, affectionate, patient, compassionate and get along well with all types of people. While these are all terrific attributes, it is important for these individuals to remember that their easygoing nature can cause others to take advantage of them. People with a Life Path Number of 2 should seek a career that allows them to negotiate, attend to details, and serve in a supporting role.

Three (3) – Those with a Life Path Number of 3 are creative, romantic and love to be in the spotlight. Optimistic by nature, a “3” can have a great sense of humor and thrive in pursuits which allow them to use their creativity. As a result, people with a Life Path Number of 3 do best in professions which involve writing, public speaking, acting, designing, illustrating or singing.

Four (4) – Those with a Life Path Number of 4 are usually seen as steady and reliable. They are characteristically honest, have a great respect for authority and tend to “follow the rules”. As a result, others look to 4s to be the list keepers, organizers and make sure that all details of any project or initiative are addressed. Common career choices include anything in construction management, accounting or bookkeeping.

Five (5) – Those with a Life Path Number of 5 can find themselves easily bored with their everyday routine and so they frequently seek change. Not surprisingly, they also thrive in environments that allow for freedom, fun, adventure and travel. Often described as the “life of the party”, it is important for 5s to always be busy and involved in exciting pursuits, otherwise they risk the chance of turning to drugs, alcohol, gambling or other vices for stimulation. Common career choices include professions in advertising, publicity, communications, new ventures and sales.

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Six (6) – Those with a Life Path Number of 6 are often noted for their nurturing spirit. They continually seek to find a good balance between giving and receiving. Because of their magnetic personality, others often look to 6s for advice and counsel. Common career choices include positions in the service industry, medicine, and anything to do with decorating, remodeling and personal makeovers.

Seven (7) – Those with a Life Path Number of 7 tend to be dissatisfied with taking anything at face value and feel compelled to observe, analyze and study virtually everything they encounter. Because of their studious nature, they can be seen as loners and even mysterious by others. Common career choices include teaching, computer programming, and any profession that requires a great deal of analysis, deductive reasoning and technical ability.

Eight (8) – Those with a Life Path Number of 8 greatly value money, power and success. And, as you would imagine, they tend to like life’s finer things. However, because of their attraction to material wealth, 8s have a tendency to be workaholics and often put their work pursuits ahead of their personal interests. Common career choices include senior level management, financial advisor, real estate broker or any position of authority.

Nine (9) – Those with a Life Path Number of 9 are considered natural leaders and are perceived to be the person in charge even when they are not. Part of this is due to the 9’s humanitarian interests and need to understand the relationship between all things and people. A person with this Life Path number strongly desires to treat others in the manner he would like to be treated. Common career choices include international business, the arts, education and health.


by Suzane Michelle