Penis Hygiene

First of all, your foreskin covers the glans and there is lots of space for nasty things to mount up between flesh and skin. In case you are not able to clean properly, you will come across a white matter that accumulates which is known as Smegma.

Smegma refers to the dead cells, moisture or skin oil and bacteria time and again gathered in this unseen and congested space. To clean this space, you need to pull the foreskin and wash as much area as you can with warm water. Take special care while washing both the glans and the foreskin area because this area is usually not exposed but when you are having sex, there will be no bigger turn-off for a woman than a man who takes off his shorts showing his unhygienic penis. Another important point is you can’t even think of having oral sex if your penis is unclean.

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Even if you are circumcised then also you need to be as cautious as any non-circumcised man. The removal of foreskin means the bacteria and dead cells will not gather in that area but keep in mind that after this, your glans will not be sheltered from get in touch with dust, sweat and many other fabrics that would otherwise be ignored. Most of the doctors say that circumcised penises have more chances to get uncovered to bacteria that can cause infections of the urinary area. Therefore, always make sure to keep yourself hygienic on a regular basis.

Another area that requires extreme hygiene is the base of your penis. This is the place where your sweat and hair mingle producing a strong whiff just like your armpit. Regular washing or cleanliness is needed to keep sweat away from your penis base because most of the time it is enclosed by your shorts. It is good if you can shave off the unwanted hair especially in summers. Cleaning this area becomes easier if there is no hair in the way between the glans and the base of your penis.

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Finally, the last area that requires your attention is the testicles. Sagging between your legs the whole day, the testicles are more risky to catch a nasty smell because sweat can be gathered in the folds of your skin or between the penis and testicles. Clean each of your testicles neatly. It is not at all bad to take out some time for taking care of your personal hygiene.


by Vairo Anglis

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