Penis – Life Cycle, Hygiene and Effect on Psychological Health

There is a life cycle associated with all organs of the body, including the penis. If you don’t overlook the hygiene perspective of the penis, there is improvement in this life cycle. Also, the lifecycle does affect the libido of a person in more ways than one.

Lifecycle of the penis

Over time, even a man famous for his sexual prowess loses steam and his sexual function declines. With increasing age, he takes more time to get aroused, suffers from low sperm quality and also from erectile dysfunction.

There are two major changes to the appearance of the penis as the man moves from his 30s into his middle age and then to his old age. A man is considered in his sexual prime when he is around 30 years of age. Subsequently, slowly and gradually, there are two major changes that occur in the penis in terms of appearance. Firstly, there is a change seen in the colour of the head of the penis, due to a decrease in blood flow. Also, the man slowly starts losing pubic hair as the production of testosterone decreases. As man grows older he starts gaining fat on the lower part of the abdomen. As a result the penile shaft looks shorter than it actually is.

Apart from this apparent decrease in penile size, there is an actual reduction in size with respect to length and girth. This alteration in penis size is yet another change as a result of the life cycle of the penis. Over time, the penis also becomes less sensitive to sexual stimulus. This makes an erection difficult and there is also difficulty in having an orgasm. The life cycle of a penis does affect the libido and various other facets of a person’s sexual life but one can work around the changes and still have a satisfactory sex life.

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Keeping the penis clean

A man’s personal hygiene should also include taking good care of the penis. The tip of the penis can be cleaned by pushing back the foreskin and then washing the exposed area with water. The base of the penis is an area where there is a growth of pubic hair. This area is susceptible to the formation of sweat, hence must be cleaned regularly. One could also think about trimming pubic hair in order to keep the area clean. While cleaning the penis, you must not leave out the testicles. Cleaning the penis will help you stay clear of many common penile infections.

Large penis and psychological health

Men have this belief that large penis size helps improve their sexual experience and also helps them satisfy women better. If they think that their penis size is below normal, they might suffer from low self esteem. They lose confidence in their ability to satisfy their sexual partner. On the other hand, if they think they have a large penis, they are sure of themselves and their sexual relationship.

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This male fascination with penis size is largely a product of their imagination. There is no doubt that women will experience fullness if the girth of the penis is large, but their sexual fulfillment is not entirely dependent on size. There are various factors other than penis size that need to come together for a satisfying sexual experience.

Increasing male libido

If a man suffers from low libido, there are various ways and means to right this problem. Also, the male libido differs from one person to another, hence there is no single across the board solution for increasing male libido. A few men choose the surgical option for increasing libido, treating erectile dysfunction and for increasing their penile size. However, there are wholly natural options for increasing male libido that include amongst others, the intake of pills .


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