Pine Valley Golf Club, Clementon, NJ Review

The pine Valley golf club is located in Philadelphia and is considered to be one of the best golf clubs in such countryside. The course was built in 1918 and has 18 holes. It took almost 3 years for a player to get round with 70 strokes and playing on this course is considered to be the ultimate test for the golf players. History says that Crump sold many of his properties to get this course and he aimed that making it an 18 holed course. However, he died when the golf course had only 14 holes. His dream came true after his death. Spending only a few minutes on the course, the players will understand why it is called ‘the ultimate test’. The transition between the front nine and the back nine are a little confusing and yet, the course set space for the walker and rider, to finish the game, in four hours. Black, blue, white and gold tees are used to accommodate all levels of players.

The pine Valley golf club has the reputation for terrorizing even a member who has been playing there for 56 years. It would get the player nervous and excited to know what would happen in the next game. It is a course where the battle between man and the pristine land slice takes place. Not all those who play golf can become members of this club. The club selects its own member. The basis on which the selection process goes, is not known. The member list of the course would have many famous personalities like Bush, Tiger Woods and many others.

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The motto of the employees in the Pine Valley golf club is to create the greatest golfing experience, for the players. Employees make the players believe that no other place is as welcoming as this club. The working and function of the club is filled with fiction more than facts as the membership is restricted and without the membership card, entering into the club is not possible.

Pros and cons


a) Cozy, well stocked and comfortable clubhouse filled with service bar, pro shop and practice green.

b) Friendly staff and excellent course conditions

c) Open fairways and manageable hole length

d) Driving range is available

e) It has more world class holes than other courses

f) Finest collection of two and three shooters, one shot holes and three hole start and finish

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g) The course has very limited number of members making it more peaceful.


a) There is no clear way of getting membership in the Pine Valley golf club. One need to be a professional to get it and the invitation is in the form of a phone call.

b) The club is out of reach for the public


There is always something virile about playing in the Pine Valley golf club for many professionals. The course is very famous and people consider playing on it, as the ultimate test of their golf skills. The members list consists of only professional players. If you are lucky and professional enough to get into this course, then you would enjoy what is termed as the next level of golf.

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by Perzina E Munroe