Pokemon Hacking Tutorials: Spoofed GTSes – Connecting to a Spoofed GTS {3DS} | Video

NOTE: This no longer works at Nintendo’s servers have all gone down for 4/5th Gen.

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Welcome to my guide on how to connect to a Spoofed GTS Server on a 3DS.

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Below is a transcript of the captions in the video.
1. Welcome back to my tutorial on connecting to a spoofed GTS for the 3DS.
2. On newer games, going to Wi-Fi Settings in-game will tell you to set your connection in the System Menu.
3. If this message does not appear, use the guide for the DS Phat/Lite and ignore the following steps.
4. Go into your System Menu, then find and select Internet Settings.
5. Click Connection Settings, then select the connection that you WILL be using to connect.
6. Find and select “DNS”.
7. Change Auto-Obtain DNS to No, then Edit BOTH the Primary and Secondary DNS.
8. The 3DS requires you to “backspace” all those zeros before typing anything else, do so.
9. In this video I will be using The Global Terminal’s DNS as an example,
10. It is normal if all the spaces are not completed filled up.
11. SAVE the connection, a lot of people press the wrong button.
12. And volia! You’re done!
13. That’s it for the “Connecting to a spoofed GTS Server” series!
14. I will be producing more videos when I can, keep checking my thread for more information and for any updates.
15. Thank you all for your attention. Contact me or post on any of the forums I’m on should you require more assistance.

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