Portal 2 Speedup Tutorial – How to Get This Killer Game To Run At Its Best

Portal 2 may be rated as one of the best games to hit the shelves, but for many people it will just run too slow for it to be enjoyable. This problem is not only a huge issue because of the hardware specifications of your system, but it's a problem which will be preventing your computer from actually being able to operate as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, there's a simple way to make Portal 2 run faster on a Windows PC, which is to fix a number of potential problems which will lead it to lag, or slow down.

The way to fix Portal 2 slow speed issues is to first ensure that the game is installed correctly, and that your computer has all the necessary files & settings to help it process your commands as quickly as possible. One of the main reasons why games such as Portal 2 will run slower is because Windows will not be able to process the options it requires for it to run, leading it to become unusable and extremely slow. The bottom line, therefore, is that you first need to be able to repair any of the possible problems that Windows has, as well as ensuring that the game it self is working correctly.

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Step # 1 – Turn Down The Graphics

The graphics of Portal 2 are extremely advanced, leading many systems to be unable to handle them correctly. This problem is only really an issue for the likes of Laptops, or really old PCs; and as a rule of thumb, it's recommended that you tune down the graphics of the game to allow your computer to process it correctly again. To do this, we recommend you follow these steps:

  • Click onto Portal 2
  • Click "Options"
  • Click "Graphics Options"
  • Turn the graphics options to their lowest settings

Step # 2 – Use A Registry Cleaner

Another great way to speed up this game is to use a registry cleaner. These are programs which have been created by software developers to scan through the "registry" of your computer, and fix any of the problems which it will have inside. We've found that one of the biggest problems for the registry is that it's continually running slower and with a lot of problems, leading your computer to become highly unreliable and ineffective as a result. The registry is basically a big database which Windows computers use to store their files & options, and as a result, it's vital that you're able to clean out any of the potential problems that it may have in order to speed up Portal 2.

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We recommend using a program called Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0 to make Portal 2 run smoother, as this tool is able to scan through your system and fix the likes of Junk Files as well as a number of other errors & problems. To use it, just download the program, install it and then let it fix your PC.


Source by Haley Wilson