Practical Spirituality-The Third Force

In our previous two articles on the Four Forces we talked about interactions on the horizontal plain, or axis. We talked about centripetal force pulling one inward, into the inner world. We also talked about centrifugal force pulling one outward to the external world and social interactions. When one was successfully alternating between each of these forces one would be moving on the horizontal axis in a figure eight. One would loop from the inside to the outside several times passing through the center, the place of balance. Healthy need would draw one outside of oneself. Healthy fear would draw one back inside the self. One would move back and forth on this horizontal plane, the physical plane of existence, until one experienced another feeling knows as guilt.

If one experiences healthy guilt, it moves one off the horizontal, physical plane, onto the vertical, spiritual plane. Gravity pulls one down so that she can look at her interactions with other people and herself. Gravity provides us the opportunity to see how we are being treated and how we behave in life, and then it allows us to correct inconsistencies. This is a result of healthy guilt. Unfortunately in our society we have learned to experience a unhealthy guilt that prevents us from moving to the spiritual plane.

In a dualistic world where we are conditioned to see things in an either/or fashion we have problems with guilt. Many of the religions, movies, and media have taught us that we are bad people if we feel that we have done things wrong, even if by mistake. When we experience unhealthy guilt it drives us back across the horizontal plane and back inside of ourselves. We are frozen and full of blame. We feel that we are bad people. We quickly go back inside, but hate being there because we feel bad there, so we go back outside to social interactions.

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As the guilt increases we are driven farther and farther into ourselves and ultimately farther out of ourselves until we harden ourselves and harden our conscience so we are not sensitive to it anymore and never go inside again. It is too bad because healthy guilt helps us recognize that there is a break in our relationships and our way of living. Without this guilt we spiral out farther and farther to forget ourselves. We forget who we are as divine beings and we are trapped in the physical world. If there is some group, or some religious body that can resolve us of the guilt, however, we don’t harden ourselves, but become more and more sensitized to it. We end up giving our power to that group instead of taking care of the break in our relationship that is happening. Though the group may seem to be giving us spirituality, it isn’t, because it is actually keeping us on the physical plane where there is no opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation.

Healthy guilt sets us free from the physical plane, as we move to gravity.

Gravity is at the lower end of the vertical axis. From that place we can see all that is going on, on the horizontal axis. As we look up we can see our own behaviors and we can see patterns in our lives. Gravity, just like the force in the external world, is at work in our lives even if we remain on the horizontal plane and don’t perceive it, drawing other people and other situations into our lives. The rule of gravity is that you will receive whatever you permit in your life, or whatever you ask.

If you keep running into the same life situations over and over, or the same problems, the same bad friends, or bad partners, it is because of the affect of gravity. It is necessary to recognize it if you are living in a way that draws unpleasant occurrences and people to you in order to stop. As long as you set up your life circumstances to draw trouble and discomfort it will come, mainly because you have a hole somewhere. There is an emptiness that is being filled by the sick people or situations you continually find yourself in. It is important then, during this time in the state of gravity, to look at your life an your relationships fully. It is important to begin to make changes in your life so you won’t end up in the same patterns over and over and you will be proactive at life, instead of reacting to all of the troubles that keep being thrown at you. After staying in gravity for a while, looking at your interactions on the vertical plane, and taking over your life, you begin to realize that you are partially causing what is happening. You begin to realize that the same things are happening over and over so that you will learn, and so that you will become a stronger person. This recognition leads you up to the final force of which we will speak, electro-magnetic forces.

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In our next article we will explore electro-magnetic forces in detail. As on the horizontal plane, we will spiral in a figure eight through the center point, and up to electro magnetic forces. If you would like to read more articles like this one on various subjects, it is our pleasure to provide them. Please search this ezine, or visit my website for our free Journal of Practical Spirituality and the Cyber Circle of Creation Spirituality that you can reach from our website Peace be with you all.


Source by John Gilmore