Prayer the Common Denominator of All Religions

There are so many questions attached to religion, and so many people are confused about whose telling the truth. Yet, regardless of the disharmony reported in the news, and that which isn’t, there is one fact that remains constant in every country, and with every religion.

Prayer is the common denominator that binds religions together worldwide. Regardless of the differences the major denominations have, the one major similarity is none other than prayer.

Prayer, a request from a higher source is based on faith. Billions of people pray each day. People from different religions, with different beliefs, different backgrounds and from different countries.

Is there something to be said for a ritual that is held in high esteem by almost every religion known to man-kind?

What is it about this one belief that extends globally? The fact that we can strongly disagree with the religion of others, yet at the end of the day, we still have prayer as a common denominator, means there is hope for peace between the denominations. Prayer is the glue that holds all religions together.

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Major Religions of the World

The top five denominations in the world are Christianity, Islam, Secular (Nonreligious) Hinduism and Buddhism. Each of these religions or groups include prayer, except for the Secular. Yet you can find a scientist in any part of the world hoping that the God particle can be substantiated through science.

There are approximately 2.1 billion Christians, 1.6 billion Islam, 1.1 billion nonreligious believers and 376 million Buddhism. The total world population is estimated to be 7 billion. The remaining religions, including African traditional religions, Sikhism, Judaism, Spiritism, Baha’i, to name a few claim the remaining number of people on earth.

Based on these statistics, it’s safe to say that over 87% of the world believes in some form of prayer. Christianity by far is the largest religious group worldwide. The Christian Catholics is the only denomination to have it’s own country.

How Different Religions Pray

The different ways to pray vary according to the different religions practiced worldwide.

For example, Christians usually kneel down on their knees, bow their head and put their hands together. Muslims knell to the ground and allow their forehead to touch the ground-supported prayer mat. Some religions chant, while other religions are silent. The Jews pray while rocking their bodies back and forth. The Native American Indians, use dance as a form of prayer.

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Christians pray to a God the Father, or Jesus, while Muslims pray to God/Allah. Catholics ask the Saints for prayers and speak to them as if they were another person. Catholics are not praying to the Saints, but asking the Saints to pray on their behalf. Jews pray to God/Adonia. Hindus believe in one God, Braham.

Regardless of the religion, each group prays to a higher source and must, according to their belief, have faith that their prayers will be answered. Prayer is a common denominator which binds all of us together. From the big bank theory (nonreligious believers) to major world religions, hope is alive.


Source by Sandy Ingram