Priyanka Chopra Strikes Out in Hollywood

Star from India in America

The Mumbai film industry is second only to Hollywood, but despite churning out the largest number of films in the world, hardly any Indian actress makes it big in the US entertainment industry. There is no doubt that the US entertainment industry is the richest and best paying in the world and hence it is natural for anyone to try and succeed. After decades, one actress, Priyanka Chopra has been a success and it is a tribute not only to her hard work, but also her beauty and tanned body. Priyanka has shot music videos and is also acting in Baywatch and this has gladdened the hearts of Indians.

Priyanka and entry in American show biz

Priyanka (born 1982) is the daughter of a military officer who had her schooling in the USA. She entered the Miss World contest and was crowned the winner in 2000. She has not looked back after that as she joined Hindi films and in a few years has reached the apex. Having spent her early years in the US, Priyanka had no phobia about life in the USA and she wished to make a mark in the TV and music industry there. She made waves when in 2012, she was signed by Creative Artists Agency. It was the first time an Indian actress had been signed by this agency. Chopra collaborated with Sam Walters, Jay Sean, and Mathew Korma, and produced her first album RedOne. She also released her first single” In My City.” She made a mark with this album and received 3 nominations: best female artist, best song, and best video at the World Music Awards. Priyanka is on the road to success and she has released many more music videos.

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Success in Baywatch series

One of her biggest successes was in bagging a role in Baywatch. In this serial, she has excelled and shown to Americans what an Indian beauty is like. Not only lovely but sexy. Priyanka is the first star from India to have made a mark in America. She is the top star in Bollywood. Come to think of it, the doyen of Indian acting Amitabh Bachchan got a 10-minute measly role in the Great Gatsby. One can safely say that Priyanka is a trailblazer. She is now busy with her commitments in both Mumbai and the USA. One can be sure she will do better in the years to come.

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Priyanka is the first star from India to make a mark in Hollywood. Not a mean achievement!


by Madan G Singh