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In this Python Programming course, you will learn everything you need to know about Python programming. You will start from very basics towards to the advance. This complete Python programming course will give you clear explanation of each #Python #programming. It will help you to start your #datascience journey with Python as well. Along the way you will be learning about a lot of Python concepts, some of the are below.
Table of Contents
Python – Why Programming (00:05)
Python – Hardware Overview (12:26)
Python as a language (19:25)
Python – writing paragraph of code (34:00)
Python – An animated programming story (42:00)
Python expression (52:50)
Python Types (01:11:00)
Python conditional statement (01:33:00)
Python – example of conditional statement (01:47:00)
Python – Exception handler (02:00:00)
Python – Function (02:12:00)
Python – Loop and iteration (02:40:00)
Python – Loop idioms (03:01:00)
Python – Strings (03:14:00)
Python – Files (03:42:00)
Python lists (04:05:00)

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