Python for Data Science | Data Science With Python | Python Data Science Tutorial | Intellipaat {VIDEO}

?Intellipaat Python for Data Science Course:
In this python for data science video you will learn end to end on data science with python. So this python data science tutorial will help you learn various python concepts and machine learning algorithms to get you started in this technology.
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?Following topics are covered in this tutorial:
Introduction to Pandas – 1:03
Pandas vs Numpy – 4:24
How to import Pandas in Python – 5:20
Data-set in Pandas – 6:04
What is a series object – 6:41
DataFrame in Pandas -10:54
How to create a DataFrame – 11:56
Merge,Join & Concatenate in Pandas – 18:07
Importing & Analyzing the Dataset – 32:15
Manipulating the Dataset – 43:00
Introduction to Machine Learning – 49:46
How does Machine Learn – 53:23
Machine Learning popular MYTH! – 55:07
Types of Machine Learning – 57:21
What is Regression – 1:13:31
Types of Regression – 1:21:17
What is Linear Regression – 1:26:54
Understanding Linear Regression – 1:30:00
Mean Square Error – 1:41:41
Logistic Regression Algorithm – 2:33:33
Linear regression (Recap) – 2:40:43
Introduction to logistic Regression – 2:45:59
Why Logistic Regression – 2:52:57
Spam Email Classifier – 2:54:19
Demo Logistic regression – 3:37:57
What is Classification – 4:05:48
Classification vs Regression – 4:06:20
Types of Classification – 4:06:36
Visualizing a Decision Tree – 4:18:02
Creating a Decision Tree – 4:24:26
Calculating Entropy – 4:27:46
Understanding Confusion Matrix – 4:43:45
Understanding Naive Bayes Classifier – 4:45:48
What is Clustering – 5:13:30
Types of Clustering – 5:18:13
What is K-Means Clustering? – 5:22:54
understanding K-Means Algorithm – 5:26:27
Quiz 1 – 5:44:25
Quiz 2 – 5:44:47
Quiz 3 – 5:47:25
Quiz 4 – 5:48:27
Quiz 5 – 5:48:44

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Why should you watch this Python for Data Science tutorial?

You can learn Data Science much faster than any other technology and this Data Science tutorial helps you do just that. Data Science is one of the best technological advances that is finding increased applications for machine learning and in a lot of industry domains. We are offering the top Data Science tutorial to gain knowledge in Data Science.

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Who should watch this Python for Data Science tutorial video?

If you want to learn what is Data Science to become a Data Scientist then this Intellipaat Data Science tutorial is for you. The Intellipaat Data Science video is your first step to learn Data Science. Since this Data Science tutorial video can be taken by anybody, so if you are a beginner in technology then you can also enroll for Data Science training to take your skills to the next level.

Why should you opt for a Python for Data Science career?

If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider Data Science. The reason for this is that it is one of the fastest growing technology. There is a huge demand for Data Scientist. The salaries for Data Scientist is fantastic.There is a huge growth opportunity in this domain as well. Hence this Intellipaat Data Science with tutorial is your stepping stone to a successful career!
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  1. Just Awesome- Thanks for sharing video and help us to understand Basic stats like-Linear regression, logistic Regression, Decision tree, Clustering 🙂

  2. sir i am new to data science if study very hard everyday for min 8 hrs..wll i be able to understand this entire video after 1 month??..

  3. Firstly thanks for this amazing video. There is a mistake 2:15:26 the function of estimate_coefficients must be like that:
    def estimate_coefficients(x,y):







    return (b0,b1)
    you have done a little mistake while calculating ss_xy and ss_xx. Result of your formula doesn't match with sklearn model regression (ready function)

  4. Superb Session ..Hats off Sir .
    Sir my query is that I m currently working as SAP S4 hana BASIS consultant.
    But I want to upgrade myself in Data Science and ML. can you guide me which programing language need to learn and how much math knowledge required.

    My math is week but programming is good bcz I had worked in JAVA.


  5. This is amazing. You breakdown the material very well and explain it quite clearly. Thank you for having examples and typing them out yourself! ?

  6. You are doing such a great job , many students can't afford the online courses on data science and ML , your Channel is a very helpful for them .
    One request for you sir , can you please make videos on how to select problem statement from kaggle and solve them ?
    All the best and keep growing….?

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