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These days everybody is learning Python 3 because it’s the most popular programming language. If you’re looking for a Python course that teaches you the fundamentals of Python, you’ve come to the right place.

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This video shows you Python applications as well as python salaries. If you’re looking for a programming job to make more money, Python is the best programming language to learn first.


00:00:00 What is Python?
00:03:22 Installing Python
00:05:15 Python Interpreter
00:07:12 Code Editors
00:08:32 Your First Python Program
00:12:11 Python Extensions
00:15:04 Linting Python Code
00:19:20 Formatting Python Code
00:23:16 Running Python Code
00:26:17 Quiz
00:28:41 Variables
00:31:48 Variable Names
00:34:52 Strings
00:40:24 Escape Sequences
00:43:06 Formatted Strings
00:45:16 String Methods
00:51:13 Numbers
00:54:01 Working with Numbers
00:56:12 Type Conversion
01:01:18 Quiz
01:04:03 Comparison Operators
01:06:09 Conditional Statements
01:10:20 Ternary Operator
01:12:31 Logical Operators
01:16:35 Short-circuit Evaluation
01:18:44 Chaining Comparison Operators
01:20:08 Quiz
01:21:53 For Loops
01:25:32 For..Else
01:28:21 Nested Loops
01:31:07 Iterables
01:34:17 While Loops
01:39:18 Infinite Loops
01:40:57 Exercise
01:43:04 Defining Functions
01:45:30 Arguments
01:47:53 Types of Functions
01:51:57 Keyword Arguments
01:53:59 Default Arguments
01:55:36 *args
01:59:53 **args
02:02:15 Scope
02:07:26 Debugging
02:14:18 VSCode Coding Tricks (Windows)
02:16:41 VSCode Coding Tricks (Mac)
02:18:32 Exercise
02:20:03 Solution



  1. Hello Sir..
    I need a program, vba, excel sheet, or anything else.. In which I do add may data in Numaric form that is 1,2,3 etc and then that data plot or draw in AutoCAD with one click

  2. Hello gaffer I want to clear some of my doubt,I m going to start my masters in industrial engineering which involves statistics and operation research,so I was wondering if start learning python, SQL side by side with my masters would I be able to get job in data analytics,I just want to be sure?

  3. import numpy as np

    from lightfm.datasets import fetch_movielens

    from lightfm.import LightFM

    # fetch data and format it

    data = fetch_moives(min_rating = 4.0)

    #print training and testing data



    #create model

    model = LightFM(loss = 'warp')['train'].epochs = 30, num_threads = 2)

    def simple_recommendation (model, data, user_id, n_items=None, indices=None, user_ids=):

    #number of user and movies in training data

    n_user, n_item =data['train'].shape

    #generate recommendation for each user we input

    for user_id in user_ids:

    #movies they already like

    known_positives = data['item_table'] [data['train'].tocsr()[user_id], indices]

    #movis our model predicts they will like

    scores = model.predict (user_id, np.arange (n_items))

    #rank them in order of most liked to least

    top_items = data['item_labels'] [np.argsort(-scores)]

    #print out the results

    print("user %s" % user_id)

    print(" known positives= ")

    for x in known_positives[:3]:

    print(" %s" % x)

    print(" Recommended: ")

    for x in top_items[:3]:

    print(" %s" % x)

    simple_recommendation(model, data, [3, 25, 450])

  4. hi , can someone help me at 44 min mark, Mosh explain about the 'f' expression that takes the value in the curly braces and executes at run time. I followed the exact same sequence and saved. On running it gives an invalid syntax

    this is what I had put
    first = 'Nijel'

    last = 'jacob'

    full = f{first} {last}


    The {first} is underline in red in the code and in 'problems' I get the following message ; 'invalid syntax (<unknown>, line 3)'
    and on running I get ' full = f{first} {last}


    SyntaxError: invalid syntax"

  5. watching your videos i came up with this coding
    for x in range(1):

    for y in range(1):

    for number in range(1, 11):

    print(f"{x + 23} * {number} = {(y + 23) * number}")
    well i guess i dont have to remember tables anymore

  6. Hi Mosh, I am getting the below error while trying to Print the "Hello World"!

    PS C:UsersMAYANKDesktopPython> HelloWorld $python

    function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a

    path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

    At line:1 char:1

    + HelloWorld $python

    + ~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (HelloWorld:String) [], CommandNotFoundE


    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

  7. hello sir Mosh i really like your videos but can you make divide the video into multiple ones and create and playlist because some of us have a job and we cannot find time to watch a 1 hour video guide and sometimes can get confusion

  8. I was installing the python linter (pylint) with the string
    "C:/Program Files (x86)/Python38-32/python.exe" -m pip install -U pylint –user

    However, I got WARNINGS for the scripts isort.exe, epylint.exe, pyreverse.exe, and symilar.exe were installed in
    'C:UsersAndrew KornrumpfAppDataRoamingPythonPython38Scripts'

    These Scripts are NOT ON PATH – though, I'm not sure what that means?
    What I tried to do was to place copies of these scripts into
    C:Program Files (x86)Python38-32Scripts

    Which is where I have installed Python to my Windows environment, as well as where I am opening created files from
    C:Program Files (x86)Python38-32Code With Mosh (r)

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