Quantum Physics and Affirmations

Quantum physics is changing the game of reality and showing us that the mind plays a big role in what is considered to be real. Quantum theory puts forth the assertion that reality only becomes real when it is observed by an observer. The Universe consists of an infinite number of superpositions, probabilities of finding a particle at a particular place at a particular time. The waves of probabilities for each particle only collapse into a defined reality once observed. Hence, the world is buzzing with potential that becomes real only once we make an observation.

If quantum physics describes the state of every particle on earth, than quantum physics describes our mind also. Think of each though you have as making an observation of a superposition. Each thought is a choice of observation. At each moment we pick which thoughts to have and, in terms of quantum physics, make that thought real. Similarly, when we think about our environment, career, relationships, health, etc… we are making choices about what to observe, and by merely observing, the observation becomes a reality.

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For example, assume you are looking outside and you choose to think about the abundance of beauty, the reality is that your view is beautiful. However, if your choice was to notice all of the leaves you will have to rake in the fall, the environment becomes very different indeed.

Quantum physics states that we have a choice in what is real. Affirmations can help to make positive choices about reality. When you consciously choose what you affirm, you are making an observation. You are increasing the probability of the superposition you are affirming. By simply opening your mind to abundance, health, love and joy you are more likely to see that reality in your observations.

Affirmations become especially powerful when you look at the Quantum Zeno Effect, a principle in Quantum Physics. The Quantum Zeno Effect states that rapid frequent observation can hold a state stable for longer than it normally would. In fact, if observed long enough the state can become permanent. Our minds, our thoughts, are in constant natural flux. When we choose to hold our attention on a specific thought, we generate the power to keep the thought present, permanent in our minds. We have the power to create new default neural connections in our brains. If we can hold a thought long enough and with conscious attention, according to the Quantum Zeno Effect, we can permanently alter our state of mind. The repetition of affirmations can play a role in creating a permanent positive state. Imagine a life with positive thoughts, a positive attitude and a positive reality.

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Affirmations take focus and effort. Saying something three times and expecting a new life will not create results. However, there is real, true, powerful, proven scientific power in using persistent positive thinking to change reality. Quantum physics shows us that there are a number of possible outcomes; you are the one with the power to choose.


Source by Danea Horn