Quantum Physics + Crystals + Radionics = Health

We are in the 21st Century, the time of the Age of Aquarius. For the next 2000 years we will be ruled by the key words "I Know."

Thanks to the Law of Quantum Physics, Resonant Frequencies, Mental Radionics and Attraction we will have all the tools we need to attract better health in our lives and keep it there.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there is an infinite Ocean of thinking intelligent Energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, that responds, to our thoughts. Therefore we must think into this Quantum Ocean good thoughts and pull out good health.

Radionics, magic at a distance, tells us if we create a device that has a power source, an area for a desire, want or thought and a place to put a photo, signature, or TARGET of the person we want to create this magic for, we can create good health.

The Law of Mental Radionics tells us that our mind is a very powerful Radionics device and whatever "I Am" statements / thoughts we hold in our mind or verbally project out will create health for us.

Crystals have a life of their own. They can be used as a power source in a simple radionics device. Whatever thought, wish or desire you mentally impress upon a crystal, will be held within the crystal. We can use crystals to create health for ourselves.

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Let's start and create better health for ourselves and our loved ones. Start by building a very simple Radionics Device for yourself. Take an 8 1/2 "by 12" peiece of stiff 120 pound card stock. Draw a 6 inch diameter circle in the center. Inscribe an equilateral triangle (60 degrees each angle) in the center of the circle. Connect the midpoints of the three equal sides. You will now have four smaller equilateral triangles, inscribed within the Large equilateral triangle which is inscribed in the circle.

You have now constructed a sacred geometrical matrix which will give off a healing energy of it's own.

Cut a small triangular piece of paper that will fit within the lower left hand equilateral triangle.

Write on it:

"I am now manifesting the Divine Blueprint of perfect health out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God into every cell of my body."

Use both sides if you need to.

Hold the triangular piece of paper in your hands and mentally intone the above statement three times. You will be using the Laws of Mental Radionics to change the paper with your wish.

Take a two inch DT crystal and hold it in your hands. Repeat the above statement into the crystal and place it in the top triangle on your Radionics Matrix, it will power your wish.

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Take a small photo or cut another small triangle to fit in the bottom right triangle of your Matrix. Write your name on the paper.

You have now a simple Radionics Matrix with a power source (crystal) wish (perfect health) and a target (your photo or signature or photo of a loved one.)

Place both hands over your Radionics Matrix and intone "I am now manifesting the Divine Blueprint of Perfect Health out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, into my Radionics Device, Into my photo and into every cell of my body."

Put your Radionics Matrix in a safe place where prying eyes cannot interfere with the energy process's going on.

Be patient. No one will know how long it will take to improve yours, or a loved ones health. Each of us has many mental and emotional blockages that keep us from manifesting perfect health.

Give your Radionics Matrix, the healing energy of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, and the Laws of Quantum Physics and Mental Radionics time to do their work.

Remember we live in a living Universe created by God, who wants all of us to experience perfect health.


Source by Ellis Peterson