Quantum Physics + Crystals + Runes + Radionics = Protection

Quantum Physics and Protection

Once upon a time, not too long ago, we only needed physical protection from robbers, thieves, muggers etc. A good dead bolt on a strong door with a big dog sleeping on the floor was all we needed.

Now the intrusions, the dangers that come into our homes are not physical; they come silently through the air.

This modern electronic age has created a deadly monster called DOR (deadly Orgone). Wilhelm Reich coined this phrase when he worked on creating Orgone (Life – force) over the deserts to create rain. He called good life-force, natural life – force, Orgone.

Orgone is called Chi, Elan Vital, Prana, Galama etc. It is the energy that keeps every thing alive and moving on the planet.

DOR, or deadly Orgone is man made pollution. It is very detrimental to the health of all Organic life on the Planet.

It inundates your home, by coming right through your walls. It inundates every cell of your body, causing illness and dis-ease, by busting right through your protective Aura.

DOR enters your home and body via the TV; the computer; the microwave oven; power lines; harp towers; and cell phones all give off harmful vibrations.

The world is so full of Anger, Hate, Sex, and Greed they too inundate your home. Negative emotions are man-made DOR.

The good new is that you can free your home from DOR and block it from coming in. You can use the modern tools of Quantum Physics and the Laws of Radionics combined with the ancient Sciences of Runes and Crystals to block DOR.

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Let's first define our terms and then build us a simple Radionics Matrix to use to block DOR.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. It responds to our thoughts and our symbols.

Crystals are as old as the planet. They are energy sources of Good Prana and can be programed with a thought or a wish and used as a power source for a simple radionics matirx.

Runes are universal creative energies that exist in the Quantum Ocean and respond to physical Runic symbols.

A Radionics Device is a simple device tha takes your thought and / or wish into the Quantum Ocean and attracts like energy out of it.

You can buy a $ 5,000. electronic device or you can make your own for almost nothing. A Radionics Device has three working principles; a power souce; a plate (space)
For your wish and a plate (space) for your Target.

Let's build a simple Radionics Matrix.

Take an 8 1/2 "x 12" piece of cardboard. Inscribe a 6 "circle in the middle. Inscribe an equilateral triangle within the circle. Connect the midpoints of the centers of the three equal legs. You now have a sacred geometrical Matrix, drawn by you on cardboard. A cirle and 4 equilateral triangles. It will work as well as the $ 5,000. Electronic device.

The Rune Thorn (Thurisaz) is the symbol for the universal creative energy of Protection. It is a defensive Rune and will protect your home, as well as the thorn bushes around Sleeping Beauty's castle walls protected her.

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Place the Thorn Rune (make one if you do not have one. Draw it on paper.) In the lower left equilateral triangle. This is your Plate for you wish (protection).

Place the crystal in the upper equilateral triangle. It's vibrations will act as a power source.

In the right hand lower equilateral Triangle, place a photo of your home. If you do not have one then write the full address of your home and place it there.

Now, hold your hands over your Radionic Matrix. Take a deep breath and intone:

"I am now attracting the protective energies of the Rune Thorn out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, into my Matrix where it will surround my home with protective energy and block all negative DOR energies NOW!"

This uses the science of mental Radionics.

Put your Matrix away leaving the crystal, wish and target in place. Hide it from prying eyes.

Simple? The Laws of the Creator God are simple. Man complicates them.

How long will protection take to manifest? It all depends on how much DOR producing electronics you have in an near your home to block the effects of the Matrix.

BE PATIENT and soon you will experience the well-being that a DOR free home produces.


Source by Ellis Peterson