Quantum Physics + Wisdom of Ages = Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our great Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote "Few men wake up before they pass on."

In the bright light of the Age of Aquarius shines the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws, which have always existed in the Quantum Ocean, were once more discovered, or what I like to say, once again "blinked out 'of the Quantum Ocean.

Emerson knew, as many other great men knew, of the existence of the Quantum Ocean. They called it by different names, some religious, some scientific and some philosophical. Emerson knew that if a man did not understand the "Mind of God" which is another name for the Quantum Ocean, he did not really live.

The Laws of Quantum Physics, tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. Everything that was, is or ever will be exists there. There is no time nor space; only the HERE-NOW. It responds to our thoughts (prayers, wishes, and intentions.)

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That to me, is a perfect description of the "Mind of God." I agree with Emerson. If you don't know of it's existence or how to use the Laws, you are not alive.

There are thousands of Quotes and Proverbs given to us by many wise men and women down through the Ages. If we reflect and look behind the language, of the times, that they used, we will be able to see the Laws of Quantum Physics shinning though.

Let me share some of them with you:

Walt Whitman said, "I myself am Good Fortune. I am Good Luck. I am part of the Great Resources of the Universe (Quantum Ocean). They (Laws of Quantum Physics) were made fro me. They are my birthright. They are MINE.

He understood the blessings and vastness of the beneficial Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

The Buddha said, "All that we are is the result of past thoughts." Thoughts are things and we create ourselves with our thoughts.

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Emerson also said, "All thought tends to convert itself into action."

Napoleon, one of the worlds great leaders was said to be able to dictate six letters at once, going from one to another and back again without missing a word. He knew about the unseen world of the Quantum Ocean. He said, "The unseen forces are to armies and battleships as ten to one."

Nietzsche, who many thought was mad because of his advanced thought processes, also knew about the creative powers of the Quantum Ocean. He said, "Hail Him, who creates new dances. Let's dance to a thousand tunes. Our Art should be free and Joyful Our Sciences!"

Have some fun and enlightenment. Find Proverbs and sayings on the net and and see if you can see the Quantum Ocean, The Mind of God hidden in the words.


Source by Ellis Peterson