Real Or Replicated? How to Spot Fake True Religion Jeans

Over the last few years, premium jeans have become quite a hot commodity. Designer brands such as True Religion are highly sought after for their innovation, craftsmanship and design. As the popularity of this brand has risen, the production of imposters has grown as well. So how do you differentiate between the real and the replicated? Here are some tips on how to spot fake True Religion jeans.

Price – When buying online, this is a good indicator as to whether the jeans are real or fake. True Religions retail anywhere from $280 – $350. If you see a pair going for $50, then move along. They are most definitely fake. You should expect to pay at least $100, depending on the style.

  • Stitching – Another dead giveaway is the stitching. Designer jeans, including TR are known for their impeccable quality, so if the stitching is sloppy, uneven or loose, then keep looking. You are wasting your time.
  • Number of tags – Authentic TR’s should have 3 inner tags. The first one should say “True Religion brand jeans”. Note that the “J” in jeans is lowered or dipped slightly from the rest of the letters. Underneath that should say “made in USA” and not “made in U.S.A.”, “MADE IN USA” or some other combination. This tag should also indicate the size. On the other side of the tag, it should have a silver stitched line, the RN#, CA#, materials and care instructions. The second tag should have the red TR horseshoe. On the flip side, there are a set of numbers. The format should be 3 digits, a dash and then 6 more digits. The third and final tag should have the cut#, style# and PO#, materials and made in USA. All 3 of these inner tags should be centered and perfectly aligned, one on top of the other.
  • The Buddhas – When you flip them inside out, the red buddhas on the inside pockets should be a bright, vibrant red. You should also be able to make out all the fingers of the buddhas. They should be small in size and well spaced apart. Many fakes will have large buddhas that are sometimes jumbled together or they are missing all together.
  • The horseshoes – This is where most fraudsters run into trouble. The TR horseshoes are very hard to replicate. More often than not, they are shaped incorrectly or off centered. Fake TR’s will likely have horseshoes that are too wide and rarely cover the entire pocket in a neat and clean manner.
  • Rivets – Check the rivets on the pockets from the inside and outside. On the inside, it should be embossed with the horseshoe logo. On the outside, the rivets should be embossed with “TRBJ”. This stands for True Religion Brand Jeans.
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While no rules of thumb are absolute because of style, design updates and changes, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with this brand. When you know how to spot fake True Religion jeans, you can save a lot of money. There are many deals to be had online, and now you just have to go and find them!

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Source by Suzanna Du