Reasons to Try Heart Rhythm Meditation

Entrainment happens when the heartbeat rhythm starts to follow the breathing rhythm. A smooth and rhythmic breathing pattern creates a smooth heart rate pattern, which is called Heart Rate Variability. A state of harmony is created between the heart rate and the breathe rate. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) can be easily measured with inexpensive biofeedback devices. HRV looks like a wave pattern or a jagged mountain pattern, depending on how you are breathing at any given time.

Your heart rate pattern is determined by your breath pattern. Breathe shallowly and irregularly and your heart pattern looks like a jagged mountain range, spiking up and down with no discernible pattern. Emotionally, you may feel out of sorts, angry, upset or just stressed. Breathe slowly and regularly, as is done in Heart Rhythm Meditation, and your heart rate pattern becomes a smooth wavelike pattern. Emotionally, your sense of well-being increases and you feel less stress.

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During coherence your mind slows down and your heart rate does too! This improves your ability to focus and concentrate as well as to weed out what seems urgent from what is actually important. Your ability to prioritize improves and you actually gain time by eliminating what is unnecessary. Your heart likes this too because now its beat is rhythmic, without the chaotic pattern it had before.

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Heart Rhythm Meditation strengthens your physical heart and opens your emotional and energetic heart. This is healthy for your heart.

Heart Rhythm Meditation can be easily learned either in person, through a book, or through a website.


Source by Curtis Simpson