Relaxing Music for Stress Relief. Calm Celtic Music for Meditation, Healing Therapy, Sleep, Yoga {VIDEO}

Meditation Relax Music Channel presents a Relaxing Music Video with Amazing nature and Ambient Celtic Music for Meditation, Concentration and Balance, music therapy. This relaxing new age composition can be used as Deep Meditation Music, Music for Yoga and Pilates , Music for Massage , Spa Music. Also this music is perfect as dream music, Healing music, Study Music, Sleep Music and Total Relaxation Music.

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  1. Before to start my little text, I just wanna say that I am french and that my english is maybe quite so-so but I hope that you will understand what I want to say and to convey with you all.
    I just wanted to say that the last yeat was a very bad year for me. From an objective point of view, it doesn't seem terrible or awful, but, with my great sensibility and, even if it seems nothing for other people, any problem which hurts you is important.
    But, what I said doesn't matter. I just want to tell you even if I do not know if somedy is going yo read this, I just want to say that meditation and this kind of music therapy saved my life. Everything was a mess. I was lost. Sad. Everything which is about being unhappy. And, listening to those kind of music saved me. Now, even if it is still hard sometimes, I am a better person and my life is better too. I can control my thoughts and feelings when nothing works. My self confidence grew up. And, the most important, I can enjoy the present. Before, I used to live in the past or in the future. Because of it, I was full of anxiety and melancoly.
    Thus, if somedy is reading this, I want to tell you that even if your life is a total mess, you can do it. You can run your universe. You can make your life better. You can change what you want to change. You are a beautiful person. I am totally sure that anyone who is listening to that kind of music is a beautiful person.
    So, do not let somedy tell you that you are not able to do something. Do not let somedy control your feelings. You can do whatever you want, I believe in you.
    If somedy read this, thank you.
    I hope that it helped you in such a way.

    Now, you should try to listen the music !

  2. you are blessed
    you are amazing
    you are beautiful
    you are an child of god.

    if you read this,

    You arent lonely,You arent trash,You arent ugky.Your amazing,Beautiful.You are made too live.
    Stay focused on the important things,Not on the unimportant things.You are blessed.
    i believe in you.If you need anything,Im here.

    Have an amazing day,My friend.

  3. Hello, I would like to share my last work of relaxing music for meditation, it is approximately 10 minutes of music to relieve stress! Just listening to it and closing your eyes takes you to another place! 

  4. Binaural Beats :
    -reduced stress and anxiety
    -increased focus, concentration, and motivation
    -improved confidence
    -better long term memory after exposure to beta pattern frequencies, according to a 2019 study
    -deeper meditation
    -enhanced psychomotor performance and mood

  5. Wenn sie jemals das hier liest, sagt ihr ich habe sie geliebt und es verging kein verdammter Tag, an dem ich nicht an sie dachte. Und nun ist sie weg und ich ebenfalls. Liebe ist ein grausames Spiel. Merkt euch das. <3

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