Religion Versus Spirituality

Life offers a myriad variety of mixed feelings, and there are some cliffs in the mountain of life. where you stand alone, at the height of such mixed connotations.

One such, I practically witnessed (not of myself), of my aunt. She was literally, long awaiting her retirement but finally, when the backcounting of the number of days began, she became anxious and fearful.

Given to her aching knees, I was wondering why she was not feeling relieved. At the same time, going in depth, I realized her plight of feelings, for having to leave the job after spending years into it. .

On advice of friends and family, she started planning her post retirement life. Among other things was, the task of choosing among the religious. . . . . err. . . orr. . . spiritual organizations. The options ‘Baba Ramdev ji’, ‘Beas satsang bhawan’, ‘Osho’, ‘Art of living’. . . . etc.

It dwell upon me, that these clans can broadly be divided into two categories-Religious ie idol worship, bhajans, kirtans, garland ceremonies and idol marriages as well as mythological debates and lectures. The other being the spiritual groups, inclined towards the self improvement categories. Spirituality comes with being spirited i. e being passionate, compassionate, confident and zestfull towards life. The self improvement activities of yoga, pranayam etc lead to spirituality.

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One of my favourites is the Art of living clan. It teaches ‘SO. . . . . . . HUM’ meaning ‘we are god'(or god is within us). The underlying principle is the need to boost one’s self esteem (not self ego) ’cause esteem is the base of total personality evolution and development.

Another activity is, to prepare self made tiffin boxes and making the same to be eaten by others with your hands while eating from others.

Such things instill the feeling of oneness and bring us calm and peace.

Though both the spiritual and the religious entities lead to peace and rest of the anxious mind, the former is more the need of the hour, in today’s fast paced competitive environment. Ultimately, both lead to one another i. e if you go the spiritual way, you start believing in yourself. Like Swami Vivekananda once said ” You first concentrate on building your biceps, then you’ll grasp the Geeta better”. Sameways, when one improves one’s esteem’s biceps and comes to peace with one’s self, one understands Geeta and religion better.

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The next tool towards spirituality is Meditation -looking inside, deep within. Some perform better under guided supervision. There are various forms of meditation. Which form suits one can also be guided. Besides, under supervision, one can be healed by a therapist.

In India, we have relatively stronger and stable family bonding but the tough cut throat career challenges, competitions and over the edge deadlines give boost to the need of such like meditation and spiritual practices.

Not naming anyone in particular, even if some religious clan divulges in any sort of corrupt or commercial activities, its not a botheration to the end client, the participating member in today’s generation, as ultimately he’s gaining from yoga and meditation etc.

Just be aware and conscious of the donations’ part and the magic claims part, especially towards the women for private meetings. Such magic claims, are much a thing of the past scenarios.


by Shaleeni Chopra Monga